Lip Monthly February 2016 Review

My February Lip Monthly bag arrived! I tried really hard to avoid spoilers from the blogs I regularly follow, but I still saw the bag itself ahead of time. Ah well, can’t win ’em all.

This is my first Lip Monthly bag, and to be honest I didn’t really know what to expect. It’s similar to Ipsy in that they send you a little makeup bag full of 4-5 deluxe and full sized products each month, however this one is devoted specifically to lip products. I took advantage of their first bag for $5US deal to do a review (:

*Note: This review contains referral links 

COUPON CODES!! Everyone likes deals right??

(Monthly) 1st bag $5:  LIPLOVER
(4 Month) 1st bag free: 1STFREE
(Annual) 1st three free: 3FREE

Cost: $12.95
Shipping: Free worldwide!
Cancellation: Online through your account.
Frequency: As in the name, monthly. HOWEVER, when I hit the suspend subscription box in my account it popped up a window saying “Wait, Don’t go!” with the option to change to a bi-monthly subscription or take 20% off my next box. Hmm…
Customize: At this time no customization is available. You get what you get.
Points: Referral points only. If you post a video review and link them to it they will give you an extra item in your next bag.


Unfortunately Lip Monthly has a bit of a reputation for awful customer service. I’ve heard many accounts of double billing issues. To make it worse, their customer service does not have a phone number so you have to wait for them to email you back… or ignore you. Now this being said I haven’t had any problems. The only weird thing I found this month was that Lip Monthly sent me a tracking number, but apparently if you live in Canada it only tracks to the US border. Yep. I was really confused, my tracking info said “Arrived at country border, end of shipping. Package will arrive soon.” Weird.

Another note about the customer service is that you know something’s up when you hit the “Suspend Subscription” button in your account and it pops up a cancellation menu which lets you select reasons for cancelling like: “Charged for second box before the first one came”, “Customer service/Too slow in responding to my inquiry” and “Shipping Delay”. Like I said though, I have not had these problems myself

But enough about that, let’s get to the items shall we?


Here’s the bag, I was really happy they didn’t do a heart design for Valentine’s Day as I hate the holiday (That’s right. We’ve got a Valentines hater over here). The floral design is cute and simple, and the bag itself is a nice travel size. Some of my subscription box makeup bags have been rather large so it’s nice to have a smaller bag.


Inside was a description card detailing the items and their price points. It’s something that’s nice to have in a subscription box so you really know the value of the box. For my Ipsy subscription I spend a lot of time finding and pricing the sample sized items so I’m happy I didn’t have to with this subscription.



Let’s just ignore my chipped nail polish for a second alright? From Top to bottom we have both shades from the Prim Botanicals Lip Glow Compact, a tan shade from NYC, and the Seraphine Botanicals Vegan Berry Tint. Check out the pigment on that last one!


Prim Botanicals Lip & Cheek Glow FULL SIZE! 
This product is vegan and cruelty free which is a win for me! I didn’t expect the texture to be so creamy, my experience with a lot of lip products in palette form is they tend to be dry and lack pigmentation. This applied really easily and left my lips soft and moisturized. I’m a little weary of non-powder blush, but this blended out really nicely when I tried it as a blush. It’s subtle and pretty, I think I’ll be using this a lot.


NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Creamy Caramel FULL SIZE!
This is probably my least favourite item in this month’s bag. This is a tan shade (though it looks more orange in the picture) which really doesn’t suit my skin tone. I tend to steer towards reds and pinks. It felt waxy on my lips, but I can’t really expect much from a $2 lipstick.


Seraphine Botanicals Vegan Berry Tint FULL SIZE!
Another vegan product in my bag! This has incredible pigmentation. Normally I love lots of pigment, but this is almost too much. I applied it like a regular lipstick/gloss the first time I tried it which was totally a mistake. Foolish me. It says it can be used for cheeks as well but I put ONE tiny dot on my face and blended with my ring finger as the packaging suggested and it looked like I was graduating from clown school. It stains skin almost immediately and is a huge pain to get off. I think I achieved a more natural look from scrubbing this of my face than using it as a blush.

Though I haven’t mastered the art of the liquid blush, this is stunning as a lip product (provided you apply sparingly and blend well), and will last me quite a while since you need so little of it at a time. It has a tendency to bleed so I recommend using a concealer along with it. It’s vegan AND cruelty free, meaning no little creatures like this one were harmed!


Don’t mind Ion, he likes to have a cameo in my blog posts. Like this next one for instance..


Harvey Prince Organics Sincerely Body Cream SAMPLE SIZE
This is my non-lip addition for the month. There is normally at least one in every Lip Monthly bag, and this time it was a body cream. This is also vegan, it seems to be the theme this month and I am 100% okay with it. The formula is a combination of shea butter and almond oil,  with notes of French bergamont, South African freesia, and Harvey Prince Sincerely perfume. I might not go and buy the perfume, but I’ll definitely use this up. I can always use another hand cream in my purse and this smells great.


The Verdict: 4/5
Let’s be honest, for $5 (or $8.50ish CAD)  the value I got for being a first time subscriber was pretty great. I will use 3 out of the 4 products I received this month, and everything except for the hand cream was full sized. Even at $12.95 the value is over triple what I would have paid for.

I wish there was some customization available to prevent getting shades that don’t work for your skin tone (ie Creamy Caramel NYC lipstick), but all in all I was happy with this month’s bag.

FAVORITE ITEM: Prim Botanicals Lip and Cheek Glow

If you are interested in trying Lip Monthly for $5 you can sign up HERE. And of course, you can cancel online anytime via your account.

Have you tried Lip Monthly and what did you think? Post your questions, thoughts, concerns below and have a wonderful day! Remember to follow me on Instagram  & Twitter!

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