Dollar Shave Club March 2016


When I found out how much my husband’sΒ razor blades cost him I couldn’t believe it. $35 dollars!? Now I admit that there are certainΒ things you have to spend good money on and I get that if you are scraping your face with razors you should have good ones. BUT there was a tiny voice in my head saying “it’s so expensive…”

Dollar Shave ClubΒ crossed my radar, and though I had never heard of it I was curious to see if my husband would like it. I didn’t really give him a choice, I subscribed to it when he addedΒ new razors to the grocery list so he has to use it now πŸ˜‰

On a monthly or bi-monthly basis dollar shave club will send you a set of blades to go along with the handle you choose. The price varies based on what you choose, but it’s nowhere near the cost of blades at a grocery store!

Price: $3.50, $6.50, and $9.50 for each option set.
Shipping: Included in the price of the blades
What’s included: 4-5 cartridges per month based on which tier you choose, plus a handle on your first shipment.

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Everything came shipped in a little Dollar Shave Club envelope which fit in my mailbox. It was great since I wasn’t home to receive it.


Here’s the handle which came wrapped in plastic. I didn’t take it out of the packaging since this is on my kitchen table. It has soft rubbery grips. Supposedly this set is also called “the lover’s blade” since both men and women can use it, but honestly I have no desire to share shaving tools.



That’s everything in the box. This seems like a very functional subscription. It did come with a little shaving tips card, but other than that it didn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, and I really wouldn’t expect any for $6.50 a month. The blades seem to be good quality, and Mike has already used it and said it worksΒ about the same as his regular razors. Excellent, more money left on the budget now! You can add on different shaving creams and products to go along with your order, but since he already has what he needs we didn’t bother.



Have you tried Dollar Shave Club? Thanks for reading everyone! Please like this post and follow my blog for more subscription box reviews!Β 

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM


2 thoughts on “Dollar Shave Club March 2016

  1. Great post! I hate how overpriced razors are- especially for women! I recently bought men’s razors and got more product for half the price of my normal Venus razors :S It’s nice to see boxes like this that are even more affordable. xo J


    1. It’s seriously so expensive! I try to make mine last as long as possible and probably longer than I should because of the price. This is a money saver for sure (:

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