My Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial Horror Story

4bw                                             Photo Credit: Kim O Meara Photography

Today is April 26th, our second marriage anniversary! In the spirit of things I wanted to write a post about my experiences finding a salon to do my hair and makeup for the day of. I was having a conversation with a friend a few weeks ago regarding wedding hair and makeup trials. She couldn’t believe that a bride would spend the amount salons charge for a trial run of the big day. What could go wrong, right??

Let me tell you my take on the situation. LOTS can go wrong! If you aren’t someone who has a regular hair stylist or makeup artist you don’t really know the skill set of whoever you book with. Makeup is an art and there are many ways it can be utilized. If you don’t get your makeup done professionally very often and don’t have a regular person you know and trust there is so much room for error.

Why Get A Hair & Makeup Trial Done

Yes, the price of the trial is close to the price of the real thing. During your trial you want to work with your stylist/artist to get exactly what you want ahead of time. A trial isn’t meant to be a toned down version of your wedding day hair & makeup. The place you go should give your trial as much attention and detail as the day of. Here’s my experience with trials and why I stand by getting one or two (or three) done until you are happy.

My First Salon Trial

Mike & I planned our whole wedding ourselves and I thought that hair and makeup would be the easiest thing to deal with. I called Spasation and I told them I wanted to book a wedding hair & makeup trial for my wedding that was coming up in a few months. I confirmed the location and also indicated that I would be taking the female members of the bridal party and immediate family to get their hair and makeup done on the day of.

The First Red Flag

On the day of the trial I brave a busy mall parking lot on a Saturday to get there. The lady at the counter has literally no idea why I’m there. My booking was never transferred to their system and they are fully booked for the day. I was told I would have to wait half an hour but they would squeeze me in. Fabulous huh? I decide I’ll wait, mistakes happen and I’m already there.

The Second Red Flag

Finally my name was called, and I went into the makeup room. The MUA asked what I want and I, not knowing a lot about makeup at the time, tell her that I want the look to be incorporate pink tones and be light, fresh and not dark around my eyes. I thought she would get that since it was a wedding trial I should look like a bride. The trial was supposed to take about 40 minutes and she made me up in less than 15 (another red flag). and I looked horrible! My skin was ghostly pale,  my eyes were rimmed in black, and I had the most horrendous blush application I have ever seen. And my eyebrows! No love for my eyebrows lady!

I wasn’t happy, and when I voiced my concerns she stipulated that I need to go heavy on the makeup to make it “pop” in the pictures. I disagreed, but she refused to change anything. I noticed that the makeup she did for me looked very similar to her own.


You can tell I was  unimpressed in the photo. What part of pink tones and light and fresh did she not understand!!

The Third Red Flag

When I got to the front desk, I asked who’s doing my hair trial and the lady said “oh I thought you just wanted the makeup trial”.  I then asked her what she thought I meant when I said I had booked a hair and makeup trial. I’m not an angry person, but I was getting fed up! Flustered she tells me it will be another hour before they can fit me in. I told her don’t bother, if they can’t even get my trials right I have little faith that they would do a good job for my wedding day, or that they wouldn’t “lose” the booking. (I swear I wasn’t a bridezilla, but this was ridiculous!)

My Happy Ending

I walked straight over to Eveline Charles and the whole experience was one hundred percent better. First off my booking was actually there when I came in for my trial! My hairstylist was wonderful, and made my hair look like something Sansa Stark would style.

My makeup artist was amazing! She was very personable, and kept me involved in the whole process. She used the whole 50 minutes allocated to me, and asked me questions about what I wanted for lip colour, eyeshadow, etc. She spent time colour matching and I truly felt beautiful afterwards. Instead of blacks and browns she went with lovely pink hues. She even took notes on the exact look she created for me and notated them on a diagram to use on the day of. I was so happy!


Photo on 2014-02-20 at 5.18 PM

My bad experience had a happy ending. If you know your stylist then you should be fine, but if you don’t and are shopping around make sure to pay for a quality salon and GET YOUR TRIALS DONE. Trust me, it’s worth it! You don’t need the stress of not knowing if the person or place you have picked will do a good job.

14Photo Credit: Kim O’ Meara Photography

Have you ever had a crazy awful salon experience?? Let’s talk about it!
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3 thoughts on “My Wedding Hair & Makeup Trial Horror Story

  1. What an experience! The first place seems so unprofessional. I remember when I was a bridesmaid in my sister’s wedding, the lady caked the bronzer on so much that I looked orange!


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