What’s On My Radar: April 2016 Favourites!


April was a good month, but at times I felt it really dragged. I was working overtime for three weeks, but on the bright side I had a little bit of extra money to spoil myself this month. And I did! Here’s a quick look at the things that have been on my radar this month.


1. Fabletics salar capri leggings in “Goddess” Print
I really like the design on these leggings, they’re so vibrant even after a few washes. I reviewed my first Fabletics subscription at the start of this month and I’ve been wearing these everywhere. These are so cute and comfortable, where have they been all my life?!


2. Calgon Hawaiian Ginger Bubble Bath
Calgon is a brand I typically see on the shelves at Shoppers Drug Mart so I wasn’t expecting miracles but this smells amazing and produces the coveted mountain of bubbles you see on television when there’s a bath scene. You know what I’m talking about right? This bottle is giant and cost about half of a B&BW bottle.


3. Julep “Brigitte” White Creme polish
I’m really impressed with Julep’s creme polishes. They remove just as easily as they go on and are typically opaque in one coat. I was having fun trying out some vibrant splattery designs with the white as a base.


4. Indigo Chapters Stationary
I bought three new notebooks on a whim in Chapters and they are perfect for spring! Each notebook features a floral design. I write in notebooks all the time and now I can designate notebooks for specific things, one for blogging, one for list making/planning… etc. etc. Stationary makes me happy.

Not a whole lot made my list this month, but I’m looking forward to May and hopefully some warmer weather! Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post please like/comment/subscribe for more lists, reviews, subscription boxes and the occasional cat picture. You can also find me on Instagram & Twitter! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM


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