Meowbox May 2016 Cat Subscription Review


I’m sure you can guess by now that I’m a cat lady, and you can figure out that I’m a crazy cat lady by the fact that I justified paying for this subscription for my cat Ion’s first birthday. Yep, buying pets birthday gifts. It’s cool aiight?


What: Meowbox
Includes: 5-7 items curated specifically for your resident cats.
Price: $32.95/ month, the longer you subscribe the bigger discount you’ll receive.
Shipping: Free, Ships to Canada and the US

Meowbox always donates a can of food to a shelter for every box that is sold. This month they donated the dollar amount to the Edmonton Humane Society to help with the Fort McMurray wildfire relief. So many families and pets were displaced in the fires so I love that Meowbox is trying to help those animals out. I have family from all around Alberta and we even adopted Ion from the Edmonton SPCA. Thank you Meowbox!

I found this in my mail box about ten minutes after my shipping notification email. I was expecting to wait until the end of the month but it showed up a day after it actually shipped!
How Cute is this box and paper!?


Meowbox gets points for presentation. I love the logo on the box and that they take the time to handwrite your pet’s name inside the box. The wrapping made it feel like opening a present instead of just a box! Ion was intrigued by the feather..

img_20160518_131232.jpgYappetizers Goat Heart Treats $5~
Yappetizers Treat Company specializes in all natural treats made for your pet. These are made for dogs and/or cats and come in several different flavours. They’re made only in Canada! It looks like you can’t order directly from Yappetizers unless you’re placing bulk orders, and they appear to be sold by little local pet stores. I’m estimating each bag to be worth around $5 Ion sniffed these out right away and kept trying to rip the bag apart until I locked them in a cupboard!

wp-1464111906303.jpegFoxy Tricks Cat Wand $15~
This is made by an Etsy seller. I can only find a product price on an old picture posted by a customer on the shop homepage and it was $18 CAD. Apparently the shop owner is taking a break so nothing is listed for sale at the moment. This is Ion’s fav toy in the whole box, the little wrapped bauble contains catnip AND it jingles.


Meow Meow Meow

Cat Caves by Catie Kicker Toy $5
This came in third place as far as my cat is concerned. Any time something has feathers he is all over that shit. This has feathers AND catnip so it’s a winner. He has started chasing it around, tossing it in the air and then pouncing and rolling with it in his mouth as it falls. It’s pretty cute! Oh and he kicks it.


Chris Catnip Growing Kit $2.99
This is a cute little set to grow your own catnip at home. This did not grow at all for me or for most of the people who bought it on Amazon so I suggest not wasting your money on this catnip kit!


Amazing Pet Products Leopard Ball $5~
I can’t find this anywhere on the Amazing Pet Products disorganized website so I’m guessing about five bucks. This and the Catnip were the most meh kind of items in the box. The feather detatches with velcro for I have no idea why, and it doesn’t appear to have any catnip or anything in it that interests Ion. It sat there untouched while he played with his other cool toys.


I estimated some values but the total of this box is approximately $32.99. I got what I paid for, but if I had ordered the Etsy or small local business toys I would have had to pay shipping for those items. I love the presentation, the timeliness of shipping and the variety of treats in the box. Ion now has some new things to keep him entertained and the wand is great so I can play with him too! If you want to try out Meowbox but don’t want to commit to a subscription you can do what I did and buy yourself a gift subscription which doesn’t auto renew. There are nearly always coupons floating around for this box on retailmenot, so why not?


Ion totes had to roll around in this box and claim it as “his”

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Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM


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    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I love the music in the back ground of your video, it really ties it together! πŸ™‚ xo C


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