Julep Voila! Nail Polish Thinner


It’s been a while! As promised, I’m finally getting around to reviewing Julep’s latest Voila! Nail Polish Thinner. I received it in June’s Beauty Box and I’ve since tested it out on a few polishes that were starting to get a bit thick. I like the different colours and finishes you get with Julep but the polish never stays thin and easy to use for long. I was hoping this thinner could restore my “old” bottles which have become unusable.

Directions According to Julep:Add 2-3 drops to thickened Julep nail color. Shake well. Add more drops as needed”

Directions According to Me: Add 6-10 drops to thickened Julep Polish. Shake, wait a minute, then add another 4-5 drops if necessary (It’s necessary).


  • Restores Nail Polish to a usable consistency
  • Comes in a pretty glass dropper bottle
  • Available as an add on or swap in for Maven Beauty Boxes


  • Requires at least double Julep’s claimed amount of product to restore polish
  • Doesn’t keep polish thin for long. A week or two later my polish had thickened again
  • Hard to find in stock on the website
  • $14 for non mavens

Thoughts: I restored several bottles when I first got this polish thinner, but the next time I pulled them out they were almost as thick as they were before I used it. I think this thinner would work better on a polish that is just starting to thicken as opposed to one that is already a goopey mess. Unfortunately when a nail polish thickens as quickly as Julep’s does a nail polish thinner can only do so much for you. This also doesn’t work for other nail polish brands. I tried it on a bottle of Essie nail polish and it did absolutely nothing for it.

My Rating: 3/5
I give this a three because the thinner does work, it just takes a lot of it to restore a bottle to usable consistency. As a $6 add on I’m happy with the Voila! Nail Polish Thinner, but I would never pay full price for it.

Have you tried Julep’s new nail polish thinner? Thank you for reading, as always you can find me at these links on Instagram  & Twitter! If you enjoyed this post please like and follow my little space of the internet, your support means the world!!



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