Limited Edition $10 Unilever Trends Box


As promised I wanted to share the Unilever Trends box that was included with my Topbox this month. I saw that Luxebox subscribers were getting this box free but I didn’t realize that Topbox Subscribers would get it as well!  Well Topbox, there’s a reason I love you so much.

You can purchase this box for $10 at Topbox Collective as well, there is also a Unilever “Classic” box as opposed to this “Trends” box. Find both boxes HERE! I will also be reviewing the Classic box next month. So what’s inside?? Read on to find out!

*Note: This post contains my Topbox referral links



Dove Soothing Chamomile Dry Spray Antiperspirant $5.97
This is full size! I love receiving everyday items I can actually use in my life from boxes like this.

Dove Regenerative Nourishment SerumShampoo & Conditioner $3.07 
All three of these are going in the travel bag for my next vacation. You can’t take much through airports these days but these are the perfect size for travel.

Dove Dry Oil Moisture Nourishing Body Wash (53ml) $0.57
This is just over the airport limit so I’ll save it for camping. I love that the box provided a cohesive set!


TRESemme Perfectly (un)done Waves Sea Foam (45ml) $2.18
I’ve rarely use styling products and my hair style doesn’t require it so I might save this for a Christmas stocking stuffer.

TRESemme Perfectly (un)done Waves Sea Salt Spray (50ml) $1.82
A salt spray!! I’m excited to see one even if it seems like more of a Summer item than a Fall item. I still have a full bottle of salt spray from Fabfitfun but now I have a backup.


Simple* Kind to Skin Facial Wipes (x7) $2.32
These are perfect for my travel bag! It’s something that I never think to buy but love the idea of having.

Vaseline Lip Therapy Cocoa Butter $3.47
This cute little tin of lip butter smells and feels great on my lips. I nearly always have dry lips no matter what I do. I probably don’t drink enough water… This will go a long way in the winter!

Vaseline Intensive Care Healthy Hands Stronger Nails Lotion $4.60 (CAD)
This is a full sized bottle but the only Canadian website I could find it at was here for a mega sized bottle which retailed for $7.77. I might save this for winter or give it away, I have so many lotions on the go. I’m curious about the stronger nails claim though.

Overall: The total value for this box is $24 even. That’s not bad for a box of mostly drugstore skincare and hair products. I didn’t have to pay for the box because it was included as an extra in my September Topbox subscription so I’m happy. I went ahead and ordered the Classic limited edition box afterwards so I’m excited to review it next month!

If you are interested in signing up for Topbox you can do so HERE, and if you would like to take a look at the Topbox Collective limited edition one time purchase boxes take a look HERE!

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3 thoughts on “Limited Edition $10 Unilever Trends Box

  1. So nice they sent these out for free. I ordered one of each for $5 each and now I have two extra as well lol. Definitely some stocking stuffer potential and I think for the few items I won’t use, I’m going to take to a women’s shelter.

    As for the Vaseline hand cream, I have the big bottle already and I use it quite a bit. It works but not right away! You have to consistently use it, I think!


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