$10 Topbox Unilever Classic Unboxing


Today I have the Unilever Classic box to share with you! Topbox generously included the Unilever Trends Box for subscribers last month at no extra cost, and I loved it so much I had to go on and order the Classic box for October.

Both boxes are sold out now, but you can find the most recent box available HERE!


Nexxus Therappe Shampoo & Humectress Conditioner 89ml $7.98
You can get these little bottles at Save On Foods or the large bottles at Walmart. These are pretty big for travel sized bottles, and they smell heavenly! I can smell them through the bottle.

Nexxus Comb Through Finishing Mist Hairspray 42.7g $2.56
This little hairspray bottle is perfect for travel! I have so many hair products right now, but I’m thinking about adding this to my routine.


Simple* Kind to Skin Facial Wipes (x7) $2.32
These were also included in the Trends box. I’ve been using them consistently since last month and even went out and purchased a full pack.

Vaseline Original Lip Therapy $3.47
I received the cocoa butter version of this in the Trends box. These tins have so much product in them I feel like I’ll never get to it, so I’m gifting this one to my Mom.

Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair Lotion $3.99
This is a different version of the hand lotion from the Trends box. They are both pretty similar, one or the other will end up gifted, I have so many hand lotions on the go!


Degree Fresh Energy Dry Spray $4.97
Both boxes included a dry spray deodorant. I’m set for at least a year!

Dove Deep Moisture Hydration Nourishing Body Wash 53ml $0.59
Each box included a body wash. The value isn’t high, but it’s a perfect size for camping or travel.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub 30ml $1.50
This is a great body scrub, but I have to be careful using it because apricot pit grounds are large enough to damage the delicate skin on your face. I used up my last jar of this a few months ago and now I have a replacement!

TRESsemme Tres Two Hair Spray 43g $2.50
This bottle is travel approved to meet airplane requirements and will fit in your luggage! I don’t use a lot of hair spray but when I curl my hair this will be useful.

Value: This limited edition box had a value of $29.88 CAD! That’s almost triple the amount I paid and I can use just about everything in it. I’m saving some of the items between the two boxes for Christmas stocking stuffers.

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Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM


2 thoughts on “$10 Topbox Unilever Classic Unboxing

  1. It’s such a good deal! My sister travels a lot and I am giving her a bunch of these products so she can take them on her flights. I haven’t actually tried that scrub surprisingly since it’s been around forever so I think that’s the thing I’m most anxious to try out.


    1. I wish all the limited edition boxes were ten bucks! That’s a good idea! I would save these for travel but I don’t think I’ll be on a plane for at least another year 😦
      The scrub smells so good! I wish the apricot granules were ground smaller so it wasn’t as harsh on the skin.


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