Limited Edition $10 Unilever Classic Box


Today I have the Unilever Classic box to share with you today! Topbox generously included the Unilever Trends Box for subscribers last month at no extra cost, and I loved it so much I had to go on and order the Classic box for October.

Both boxes are sold out now, but you can find the most recent box available HERE!  So what’s inside?? Keep reading!


Nexxus Therappe Shampoo & Humectress Conditioner 89ml $7.98
You can get these little bottles at Save On Foods or the large bottles at WalmartThese are pretty big for travel sized bottles, and they smell heavenly! I can smell them through the bottle.

Nexxus Comb Through Finishing Mist Hairspray 42.7g $2.56
This little hairspray bottle is perfect for travel! I have so many hair products right now, but I’m thinking about adding this to my routine.


Simple* Kind to Skin Facial Wipes (x7) $2.32
These were also included in the Trends box. I’ve been using them consistently since last month and even went out and purchased a full pack.

Vaseline Original Lip Therapy $3.47 
I received the cocoa butter version of this in the Trends box. These tins have so much product in them I feel like I’ll never get to it!

Vaseline Intensive Care Dry Skin Repair Lotion $3.99
This is a different version of the hand lotion from the Trends box. They are both pretty similar, one or the other will end up gifted, I have so many hand lotions on the go!


Degree Fresh Energy Dry Spray $4.97
Both boxes included a dry spray deodorant. I’m pretty much set for at least a year!

Dove Deep Moisture Hydration Nourishing Body Wash 53ml $0.59
Each box included a little body wash. The value isn’t high, but it’s a perfect size for camping or travel bags.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub 30ml $1.50
This is a great body scrub, but I make sure to never use it on my face because apricot grounds are large enough to damage the delicate skin on your face. I used my last jar of this up a few months ago, now I finally have a replacement!

TRESsemme Tres Two Hair Spray 43g $2.50
This bottle is travel approved to meet airplane requirements and will fit in your luggage! I don’t use a lot of hair spray but when I curl my hair this will be useful.

Overall: This limited edition box had a value of $29.88! That’s almost triple the amount I paid and I can use just about everything in it. I’m saving some of the items between the two boxes for Christmas stocking stuffers.

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2 thoughts on “Limited Edition $10 Unilever Classic Box

  1. It’s such a good deal! My sister travels a lot and I am giving her a bunch of these products so she can take them on her flights. I haven’t actually tried that scrub surprisingly since it’s been around forever so I think that’s the thing I’m most anxious to try out.


    1. I wish all the limited edition boxes were ten bucks! That’s a good idea! I would save these for travel but I don’t think I’ll be on a plane for at least another year 😦
      The scrub smells so good! I wish the apricot granules were ground smaller so it wasn’t as harsh on the skin.


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