November Ipsy Reveals are up!!


Hey y’all! November’s Ipsy reveals are up!! Here’s what I’m getting this month…



My Glam Bag looks fantastic this month! I’m excited about the Better Than Sex mascara. It was going to be my next mascara purchase so I can save my money now. I recently did the new Ipsy Preference Quiz and added liquid lipsticks on as an option so I’m thrilled with the Elizabeth Mott Lipstick! I hope I get it in Pink but I’d be happy with red too. You can’t really go wrong with Luxie brushes and I’m always happy with nail polish!

What are you getting in your glam bag this month? Thanks for reading! As always please remember to like and follow, and you can also find me on Instagram  Twitter! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM



5 thoughts on “November Ipsy Reveals are up!!

  1. Yeah! The rose gold handle is so pretty! I’m hoping it will work well with foundation ’cause the handle broke off of my foundation brush =/
    As far as I can tell it’s a hair oil. I’m not sure if I’ll use it, but 4/5 is pretty good for Ipsy


  2. Girl! I went on Ipsy to peak at my bag too and I am also SUPER EXCITED!!!! YEEEEE!!! First off, that bag looks ADORABLE! Also excited for the lip lacquer – I just hope that it’s actually a liquid lipstick and not a gloss. I love glosses but I know some brands call products “lacquers” and it actually is a gloss – so fingers crossed that its a liquid lipstick!!!!


    1. This month looks great hey!? Ipsy has been spot on with the bag design lately, and it seems they are actually listening to my preference quiz now! I really hope it’s a liquid lipstick too, I would be really disappointed with a lip gloss. What else are you getting?

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