November Hauls & Birthday Recap!


I always find it hard to think about Christmas until after my birthday, so now that it’s flown by I can start my Christmas traditions! I’ve had such a crazy month so far and it’s been a little hard to stay on track. A few events have sapped a great deal of my energy, from a nearly 36 hour wakeathon fundraiser in early November to relatives passing away. I’ll be working on new content now that everything is settling down.

My Birthday was on Monday and although my whole weekend was riddled with family stress I luckily snagged a whole day off (mostly) to myself. I spent most of my morning and afternoon shopping guilt free!


Sephora: I picked up some eye masks from Sephora to pamper myself with in the evening and I also snagged my beauty insider birthday gift! I chose the Fresh soy cleanser and rose toning mask.



Ricki’s & VS: I next picked up a new sweater from Rickis and a cute purple/pink bra from Victoria’s Secret. My cats were all over the bags. Within seconds of unpacking Ion had squished himself into the VS bag and had no intention of coming out. I also got a free venti birthday latte. It pays to be a gold Starbucks member sometimes!



My Dad gave me some money to get something nice for my Mom so I chose a L’Occitane beauty advent calendar for her! How pretty is this!?!? I totally want one now! They also included lots of samples for me to try and scented the tissue paper with rose fragrance.

Birthday Dinner: In the evening my husband and I tried to go out for dinner but there was a hockey game downtown and our city jacked up parking prices to $22/hour. I don’t even watch hockey and our team can’t hold it together for half a season so I was having none of that. (anyone got any guesses which team I’m talking about?) We changed plans and went somewhere with free parking. It was an adventure, I’ll say that!


Time with Family: I saw Dr. Strange this month with my family. I really enjoyed it! The magic looked pretty cool. Afterwards as a pre-birthday splurge I picked up a blanket scarf from Simons and two 3-wick candles from bath and body works in Merry Cookie and Iced Vanilla Woods. I normally hold back from shopping so it was great to splurge a little and start getting ready for Christmas!


What’s your favourite way to spend your birthday? Remember to follow me on Instagram

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM



4 thoughts on “November Hauls & Birthday Recap!

  1. Happy belated birthday! 🙂 Oh my gosh, so many great items! Shopping is my weakness. I’m glad you were able to splurge for your birthday!! I have to say, you always find the cutest clothes! That sweater is adorable!


    1. Thank you!! It’s mine too, especially since I started blogging I’ll tell myself “it’s for the blog!” To justify the purchase 😂 Awe thanks! I wasn’t really even looking for a sweater but I saw it and had to have it haha. Now bring on the Christmas shopping!

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