Sephora Luxurious Late Night Deluxe Sample Bag


Hello again lovelies! I shared my most recent haul  last week in which I received one of four 8-piece deluxe sample bags from Sephora. It’s like a free Ipsy bag (or Sephora Play)! Everything is deluxe & high end. I chose this bag and then immediately wanted the other three bags instead. Typical right? You only want what you can’t have!

This came in a cute Sephora makeup bag which is definitely making it’s way into my purse rotation. The bag looks & feels like it’s good quality!


Origins Original Skin Retexturizing Rose Clay Mask
I haven’t used anything from Origins but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the brand from the blogging community. I love face masks, so this will hopefully work well for me.

Urban Decay Primer Potion
This is smaller than the travel sized primer potion, but large enough to try it out for a week or two (*edit: this lasted many many months!). I’ve been considering buying this primer and now I can try it out first!

Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick in #49 Belly Dancing
I’ve been curious about Sephora’s own line of lipsticks. It’s a tiny little lipstick but it honestly can take me years to finish a lipstick so this will get used up in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve only worn it once so far and my husband who rarely notices my makeup told me it looked nice on me. So that’s a win!


Clinique Pep Start Eye Cream
I’m starting to run out of my Elizabeth Arden Eye Gel so I’m happy to have another eye cream in the queue. The tube is only half full but even small eye cream samples last me a long time.

Formula X Top Coat Mini
I have a lot of nail polish, but not a lot of base and top coats. I received another formula x mini in my November Ipsy bag so I’m going to gift it to my sister in law along with this one as a little stocking stuffer.

Amore Pacific Enzyme Peel
This one will probably go to my mom. I don’t use chemical peels on my face, my skin is really sensitive.


CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud & MAISON MARGIELA “Replica” Jazz Club Fragrance
Holy Moly the full sized bottles of these fragrances are EXPENSIVE. $125 is way too much to spend on a single item. The Clean fragrance smells nice, but I’m not fond of Jazz Club.


Here’s everything in the deluxe sample bag! There are only two things I won’t use. I think my favourites are the lipstick and the primer potion! I wish I could have ordered all four sample bags.

What are you loving right now at Sephora? Thanks for reading and supporting my little blog! If you enjoyed this post please click the follow button on the sidebar. Remember you can also find me on Instagram & Twitter! Have a wonderful day! 

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM


5 thoughts on “Sephora Luxurious Late Night Deluxe Sample Bag

  1. I went back and forth so many times about whether I wanted to order again after my VIB sale haul….finally decided against it although I’m still wishing I did another order for one of these bags lol. Oh well!


    1. It was a really good deal, normally you can get one deluxe sample in an order so getting 8 was awesome. And the bag! 😍 I have way to many makeup bags now from subscriptions though I think I have 10 right now lol


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