The Body Shop Advent Goodies Days 10-14


Hey Lovely!!

I hope your week is going well, can you believe there are only 10 days until Christmas!?!? Today I am sharing days 10-14 from one of The Body Shop’s beauty advent calendars. So far I’ve really enjoyed getting a little gift every day, and I’ve discovered so many new products that I need to pick up full size!

You can check out days 1-5 here, and days 6-9 here!

**FYI, Right now The Canadian Body Shop website is 50% off just about everything, AND FREE SHIPPING, no minimum!! What are you waiting for!?


Day 10 Strawberry Lip Butter “Be Mistletoe Ready With The Perfect Pout”
This immediately went into my purse! It really does smell like strawberry, but it doesn’t taste like it.

Day 11 Vanilla Chai Softening Body Gel- Lotion “The Cream Of The Crop”
I can already tell you that I’ve gone and ordered just about every product this scent comes in. It’s a seasonal Christmas scent so I’m kind of disappointed I can only get it in December!


Day 12 Eye Definer Pencil “Goodness Makes Gorgeous”
I haven’t used this yet, but I have a back up for when I run out of eyeliner. I love how they place items that work together nearby in the advent order. The lip pencil was followed by a sharpener the next day, and this eye pencil is followed by an eyelash curler!

Day 13 Eyelash Curler “Feel So Good, Inside And Out”
This was the only spoiler that I knew was in here somewhere. I’ve been eagerly awaiting it because I don’t actually own one. The last curler I bought was this awful travel size contraption from Quo.


Day 14 British Rose Shower Gel “Beauty For The Body And Soul”
This is my first time using this scent and it is sooo lovely! I’m normally not a fan of rose but this is a scent I need to buy, even if it’s almost winter.

So that wraps up days 10-14!! I wonder what’s in store next.. What’s your favorite Body Shop Product?

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