Julep Maven December 2016 Unboxing + Review


Today I have the December Julep Maven Box to review for you! I haven’t taken a Julep box since JUNE! Crazy! Two of the things I love about Julep is that you can fully customize your box, AND you can SKIP months! This is an awesome feature for a sub box and keeps me subscribed when I can’t afford it. The December collection was totally calling my name.

If you haven’t heard of Julep Maven it’s a monthly nail and beauty subscription which sends 2-4 nail or beauty products each month. The norm is three nail products or two beauty products (or a combination) but sometimes you get lucky and get an extra item.

Price: $25 per month of $20 per month on a prepaid 3 month subscription
Shipping: Free to the US and Canada
Skip: YES
Points:You get 350 Jules for each box you don’t skip, 200 on your birthday, and 500 during your maven anniversary month. Rewards start at 400 Jules.
Perks: Mavens get %20 off in the Julep store, as well as access to shop the “secret store” which once a month has extra deals.

*Note: This post contains my Julep referral link


Here’s the whole box. This month was packaged with crinkly burgundy/purple paper! I had a hard time keeping the cats out of it.

Here’s the Quote card and Monthly Coupon Promo!


Stick It To Me – Oxygen Bonding Base Coat $18 ($14.40 Maven)
I have the Freedom top coat but I haven’t used a base coat in a long time. My nails typically chip in a few days time so I’m hoping this helps keep my mani fresh for longer.

Kristjana $14 ($11.20 Maven)
This glitter polish was one of the December collection polishes. I had a hard time choosing, but I finally decided on this pretty plum holographic polish. Swatches Here!

It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse in Past Midnight

I’ve been wanting to try this lip formula since I joined Julep. It’s light and not drying at all. I don’t have the fullest lips in the world so bold shades sometimes fall flat for me, but I really like this red lipstick on me. It’s perfect for Christmas! My full review is posted HERE!



Green Tea Konjac Sponge
I’ve been wanting to see what the hype surrounding konjac sponges is all about! I snagged one for the add on price of $6.99USD. I recently got another facial sponge in my The Body Shop advent calendar so I’ll be putting this one in a drawer for a while…

I’ve been wanting a true black polish for so long, and I now have one just in time for the new Star Wars movie! Storm Trooper nails here I come!!! I’m so excited.

I also didn’t have any true blue polishes, and the swatch looked so pretty I just had to have it. Both of my add on polishes were redeemed with Jules that I had accumulated over the course of the year.

Free Gift for 3+ add ons

I was happy the add on was a normal red polish. In other reviews I’ve read the add on gift can sometimes be something with full chunks of glitter which is something I’m not really into. This is a great addition to my polish box! Swatch HERE!


Speaking of polish boxes, how you YOU organize your nail polish!? I have a box or two full of polish, but I now have so much I think I need a system. Let me know your organization tricks and tips below!!

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Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM


3 thoughts on “Julep Maven December 2016 Unboxing + Review

    1. Absolutely! I currently have another face sponge on the go but when I open this one I’ll post a review! Konjac sponges are supposed to be good for exfoliating but gentle on the skin. Im hoping this works out well 🙂

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