The Body Shop Advent Unboxing Days 20-23


One more day to go! I’m kind of sad it’s almost Christmas, it means no more little gifts each day from my advent calendar. I think every month should have a gift calendar! I guess it just means that December is a bit more special than the other months.

Check out days 1-5, 6-9, 10-14, & 15-19


Day 20 Polynesian Island Tiare Shower Gel “Travel With Your Mind & Body”
I believe this is a newer scent to TBS. It’s very floral and summery which I really don’t mind. I have so many holiday scents that it’s nice to get something else once in a while!

Day 21 Emery Board “Beauty Full With No Added Bull”
I should have known a nail polish was coming up when I saw this. A little something to help get your nails holiday ready!


Day 22 Grapefruit Hand Cream “Enriched With The Finest Natural Ingredients”
Aww yeah!! I forgot how excellent their grapefruit line smells. I’ve used up so much product this month that it’s good to have a hand cream for my purse on standby!

Day 23 Colour Crush Nail Polish “When You Wish Upon A Star”
Orange seems like an odd choice for a holiday calendar, but maybe that’s just me. I’m surprised that they didn’t include their Colour Crush gold holiday polish.

I will have one more advent post! TBS has included a gift for Christmas day as well as Christmas eve. I’m really excited for tomorrow because the 24th advent box is huge!! I’m guessing something full size, maybe a body butter?? I hope it’s Satsuma!

Thanks for reading!! Have a wonderful holiday and I will be back with more posts next week!! ❤ Remember to follow on Instagram!



3 thoughts on “The Body Shop Advent Unboxing Days 20-23

    1. It’s a pretty good range isnt it!? Great for someone wanting to try out lots of products without buying them full sized first!


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