Holiday Style with Just Fab: Unboxing & Review


I’m reviewing my second VIP order from Just Fab, a shoe/clothing/accessories retailer! Instead of getting a monthly box you get new boutique reveals each month and can choose to either shop or skip the month by the 5th. If you forget to skip you are charged the monthly VIP fee of $39.95 USD which can be applied as a credit to your next purchase.

Price: $39.95 Approx.
Shipping: Free for US orders over $39.95, Otherwise $6.95. Flat rate of $6.95 for Canada
Frequency: Monthly
Skipable: YES!
Points: YES! Points can be applied to free merchandise or 20% – 40% off an item.

Note: This post may contain referral links

In my October Just Fab shipment I purchased two pairs of boots. I’ve been wearing them constantly! The Marisol boots are perfect now that it’s snowing outside because they are tall enough to keep the snow out and the heel just makes them sooo cute!! But I digress…

For December instead of shoes or boots I chose to make a clothing purchase in time for the holidays. I’ve been needing new jeans for a long time and the sale promotion was all denim for $15!! Here’s a look at the two pairs I got! Both pairs of boots are from Just fab as well!


Perfect Jegging in Oxblood
These jeggings fit perfectly! I was a little concerned about the sizing because sizing can vary so much from retailer to retailer, but I measured myself and ordered a 26 based on their size guide. They are a little bit long on my legs, but I can easily roll them up or wear high boots and no one will ever know. They are a mid-rise jean which is a little different for me as I prefer low rise but they are so comfortable I can’t complain.


Metallic Signature Skinny
These didn’t fit quite as well as the other pair. They are a bit tighter around the waist and baggier in the leg. They were perfectly fitted to the model but on me there’s lots of extra fabric around my knees and calves. They still look great, I feel kind of bling-y in them but in a good way! I would have preferred a true “skinny” jean, but I’ll still wear ’em!

Verdict? In the end I kept both pairs, even though one will definitely get worn more than the other. Both are well made and don’t look cheap at all! I’m really loving Just Fab especially since I can skip any month! Both pairs are regular $39.95 but with the sale my order total came to $38.45 including shipping. My problem now is that I want the perfect Jegging in green and black now! If you want to see more from Just Fab check out my box from October!

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