April 2017 Meowbox Cat Subscription Unboxing + Review


As all subscription box lovers know, one day you will forget to skip a month. This is my third Meowbox review since becoming a subscriber! I meant to skip my renewal and get a box for May because both my of kitties have their birthday next month (Yes, I buy them birthday gifts. They may not know it’s their birthday, but I do!) but it seems they have got their surprise early! Meowbox is a box containing 4+ goodies & treats for your cats!


Price: $29.99 CAD ($22.95US)/box
Frequency: Monthly or bimonthly
Shipping: Included
Skipable: YES
What’s Included: 4+ goodies & treats for your cats. You can opt to replace treats with toys if your furry companion is on a strict diet.

Meowbox changed their box design somewhere between January and April. Below is the old box vs new box design. I really liked the look of the old boxes! Now it’s just a generic cardboard box with a paper logo sticker. I know it doesn’t change what’s inside the box, but a part of me loves pretty packaging and the experience of opening a well designed box…



As always, Meowbox has handwritten my cat’s names on the inside of the box. I think if they stopped doing this I would unsubscribe, I love the personal touch. It really has a made with love kind of feel.


My Cat Is People ~ But Furrst Coffee Pin $15.49 CAD
This is the first time I’ve seen cat accessories for hoomans in a Meowbox! It’s so cute! I recently visited the new cat cafe that opened up in my city, so the timing was perfect! I’ve already clipped this onto the strap of my everyday purrrse (see what I did there?). I’m normally not a girl who’s into patches and pins but I made an exception for this ‘lil gem.


Cat it Eco ~ Terra Toys $4.07 CAD
My guys played with these a little bit. Q even tossed it around in the air a couple times before attempting to chow down on it (he does that, the vets have no idea why but he eats everything with fabric or string).

Furry & Fancy ~ Bells & Bows Organic Catnip Toys $8.07 CAD
Ion was kind of meh on this one, and Q just wanted to eat it. I might be able to coax Ion into playing with it.


Hoptuits Cricket Crunchies $6 CAD
When I first saw these I was like EWW GROSS! But I mean, animals eat crickets all the time I’m sure. I actually thought that there were dead crickets inside the pouch and I was too scared to open the packet so I made my husband do it. Turns out it’s just little square treats which, according to the website, are “infused with cricket powder”. I don’t think I’ll be feeding my guys these treats though, I prefer food that I know is veterinarian approved. I will need to remember to change my profile to receive toys instead of snacks in the future.

Le Sharma Trading Inc Wool Flower ~ $8
This is a Meowbox exclusive so I estimated the value based on Le Sharma’s other toys. This wool flower was a hit with both cats. I would toss it and Q would run after it, grab it, and then charge around like a mad cat. He really likes wool toys and he doesn’t seem interested in eating them surprisingly. Ion would also chase after this, but Q & I are very careful not to stomp all over the other when playing so they would be like, “No you go get it! No brother, you get it!”



The box was worth $41.63 CAD in value this month. That is over the cost of the box, and therefore worth it. I was rather surprised to get the pin in the box, and would have preferred more toys instead for my guys because they were kind of unexcited by this box. But with cats you never really know what toys they will love.

With Ion, we found this orange mouse toy and he loooooved it. He would take it everywhere with him and flip it up in the air and charge after it. When it started to ware out we bought him the exact same orange mouse, and he just looked at it and was like, guys, guys, guys. This isn’t my mouse. Cats are fickle.


Thanks for reading! I’ll leave you with a picture of Ion guarding his new toys. I hope you enjoyed this post and getting to see more of my furry companions! For more of Q& I you can find them making appearances on my Instagram! I’ll be back with my regular beauty posts tomorrow ❀

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM



11 thoughts on “April 2017 Meowbox Cat Subscription Unboxing + Review

  1. I agree the old box looks way better! I do love the paper they use on the inside though and that they personalize the box with your cats’ names!

    How did you like the cat cafe? A friend of mine opened one in my city at the beginning of the year! It’s such an awesome place. So many cats have been adopted because of it! Only problem is children under 10 aren’t allowed in the cat room which unfortunately means I can’t go too often. Otherwise, I’d be there way too much!

    My cat likes to chew everything with string, too! If there is ever ribbon on packaging, I can’t leave it around otherwise he’ll find it. And it’s not good for them! There’s been a few times I’d find a hairball with ribbon in it!! So I’m extra diligent not to leave ribbon out lol. He also loves the Topbox organza bags because of the strings! XD

    You’re so right about never knowing what cats are going to love! My cat doesn’t care for cat toys too much. His favourite things to play with are tiny bouncy balls and Nerf gun bullets that my son leaves around lol. I think he only has one real cat toy that he loves! Although one thing that he loves (but always loses somehow) are those little catnip pillows!

    Sorry this was so long. I just love cats. XD


    1. I wonder why they changed their boxes :S It must cost less to print paper labels than to print on cardboard. I really love the paper on the inside sealed with a feather, it just makes the box that much more special!

      Oh no, that sucks that you can’t take your son with you! I wonder why they don’t allow kids :S That seems so strange to me! I enjoyed the cafe, though I did find it a bit expensive. It was $15 for an hour of petting cats, so $30 for Mike and I to go together. They had a lot of rules in place to keep people from crowding the cats too much, for example you aren’t supposed to pet sleeping cats. Unfortunately some of the older kids there at the time would do things like kicking the boxes the cats were sleeping on to wake them up and then pet them. I think the rules needed to be enforced a little more. But the girl doing it was definitely old enough to know better so that annoyed me.

      My cats like the Topbox strings too! I think string is a common fascination for cats. I wish it wasn’t because it’s so bad for them to eat it! It’s funny how we have to almost baby proof our homes for our cats!

      haha that’s funny about the nerf gun bullets, It’s always the random things they seem to like! I wish there was an accurate guide for what cats will like. Ion loves cat grass, but I can’t buy it for him because he will climb shelves to get at it and then literally mope around outside the room I keep it in when he’s not allowed to eat it xD

      Don’t be sorry, I love reading long comments, and cats too!


      1. Our cat cafes sound so different! There is no charge at ours to visit the cats! And the food/coffee is delicious and cheap! This one doesn’t allow kids because of reasons like the one you described!! The owner doesn’t want the cats stressed out or accidentally hurt (kids do tend to be unintentionally rough lol). I think it also might be to make sure the cats don’t scratch or bite the children if they’re getting scared. They do family days once a month so people can bring their kids while staff can supervise the whole day!


      2. Whaaaat no charge!? All the pop up cafes here and now this permanent cafe has had a charge. Luckily it includes a large coffee, but still!
        That’s good that they do have a family day! I thought that a lot of cat cafes encouraged adoption so families with kids would need to bring their children to see if the cats get along with them.


  2. This is so cute! I wish they had something like that for dogs, because I would love to get this for my furbaby! My dog’s birthday already passed, but I could always get her a surprise package, aha! It’s a shame that your cat’s don’t really like the cat toys, but at least you got the one toy he enjoys xxx

    Melina | http://www.ivefoundwaldo.com


    1. Melina you should get Barkbox!! It’s basically the same thing but for dogs! I haven’t tried it since I only have cats, but you can check out reviews on mysubscriptionaddiction.com if you are interested. They aren’t the same company as Meowbox but I think they work together sometimes or something like that.

      I wish they had liked more toys in the box, but you just never know with cats. At least they loved everything in the January box! Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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