Garnier Fructus Moisture Lock Shampoo + Conditioner Review


As promised, here is the first of my reviews from the products I received from Elle Canada! Elle generously sent a number of people a box full of products to blind test for the 2016 Grand Prix, and I have officially completed my test periods and submitted my logbook. That means that I was finally allowed to peek under the labels to find out what products I have been using for the past two months! The first Shampoo & Conditioner Duo I tried out was Garnier Fructus Moisture Lock.

Claims: This shampoo & conditioner contains “citrus protein, Vitamins B3 & B6, fruit & plant-derived extracts and strengthening conditioners”. It also is paraben free. It claims to provide 48 hour moisture while strengthening hair, and also says it will provide weightless, soft, and shinny tresses.


Smell This is one of the most important criteria for me that makes or breaks a shampoo. Luckily, this one passed the test! It smells very fresh and while it’s not overpowering, it does linger. And I love it. I couldn’t place the scent during the testing period, but I knew that it smelled fruity. Now that I know what it is I can tell you that it has Cactus extract, which may be what I am smelling in this Shampoo!

Cleansing When I used this shampoo I noticed that it cleansed almost too well. It lathered extremely well, and upon rinsing my hair felt very clean  — squeaky clean. My hair definitely felt like some of the moisture had been stripped away and my hands tangled in my hair after rinsing.


Smell This has the same wonderful smell as the shampoo. I loved how it lingered in my hair afterwards!

Conditioning Power Okay, so after I have now complained about how my hair felt stripped slightly after using the shampoo, let me tell you that this conditioner reversed that feeling completely. This conditioner is thick and creamy and did a great job of moisturizing my hair so it felt soft again. Despite the thickness of the formula my hair didn’t feel weighted down at all after use.

Hair when Dry When my hair dried I had so much volume! I know this isn’t really marketed as a volumizing shampoo, but my hair was incredibly light and bouncy afterwards. It’s perfect for this thirty degrees weather we’re getting up here in Western Canada. My hair felt clean, moisturized, and didn’t feel greasy or weighted down.

Final Thoughts

Despite the shampoo almost being overkill in cleanliness the conditioner balances it out nicely. I find myself reaching for this a lot now that the testing period is over. I need to look and see if there is a colour treated version of this shampoo so I can preserve my hair colour. This is also an inexpensive shampoo, On Garnier’s website it is listed for $4.50 USD, but I saw it at Safeway in Canada for $3.99 last week!

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2 thoughts on “Garnier Fructus Moisture Lock Shampoo + Conditioner Review

    1. Seriously, the smell is so good! Oh no, what do you use regularly? I was surprised I liked this so much, I’m normally very picky when it comes to my shampoos but I liked this even before I knew what was under the label! Thanks for reading!


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