Ipsy May 2017 “Summer Friday” Unboxing


Welcome back for another Ipsy Review! The theme this month is Summer Friday, and clearly they were going for a beach vibe. The bag this month is a cute clear plastic bag covered in ice cream cones and popsicles! It was even wrapped in pink tissue paper when it arrived this month, which was a nice touch. I’ve noticed that I’m not getting the card inserts half of the time anymore. 

Ipsy is a monthly makeup subscription service that ships 4-5 deluxe and full sized products each month.

Price: $10 US. Add $4.95 for shipping to Canada.
Value: Glam bags can average out to around $49US, but this can vary as glam bags are customized. In addition each month comes with a new makeup bag.
Customize: Fill out a profile quiz to get personalized products. leaving feedback on your products in theory makes the curation better month to month.
Points: Earn points through referrals and reviewing your glam bag. In addition you get 100 points for joining. Points can be redeemed for extra items. You can sign up HERE!
SKIP?? I went to cancel my glam bag this month to catch up on the products in my makeup box, and I was told I could skip months now. It’s weird you have to go through the cancel link to get there, I wonder if there will be a skip button in the future?

Note: This post contains my Ipsy referral link.


Adesse New York Gel Effect Nail Polish in Surfer Girl Full Sized $18USD
I was kinda bummed about getting this nail polish. I received an almost identical shade last month (it was a tad bit more green). It’s a lovely summer colour, but how many almost identical polishes do I need!? This polish is 5 Free, as well as cruelty free and vegan. It doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, or a bunch of other nasty stuff.


Luxie Beauty 660 Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush Full Sized $23
I saw that this was a sample request option so in March I went and emailed Ipsy asking for this in a future bag. I’m glad I asked because this brush is so much better than the Luxie stippling brush I was using for foundation. It’s so soft! I’m used to a flat foundation brush but the fluffiness actually wasn’t a downside to this brush. As a bonus, it applies blush and bronzer quite well.

Manna Kadar Radiance Split Pan Bronzer & Highlight Full Sized $21
Manna Kadar is fine, but it seems to be one of those brands that has been manufactured specifically for sub boxes. I’ve seen this exact product in just about all the beauty subs out there in the past year, so I’m not impressed to see it yet again. This is my second time receiving this product, though they’ve changed the packaging from a screw top container to a compact case. It’s pigmented, but it definitely looks better as an eyeshadow duo than a bronzer/highlight.


it Cosmetics Superhero Mascara Deluxe Sample $13.33
First of all I love the name of this mascara! According to it cosmetics this mascara will give me volume, length, and.. elastic stretch? Which apparently means it makes your lashes look wider and longer, according to it. Which to me, is the exact same thing as volume and length. Oh, marketing (I am rolling my eyes). But really, I am excited to try this out once I deplete my stash of mini mascara!

Cailyn Cosmetics Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint + Velvet Full Sized $19
I’ve been getting so many liquid lipsticks lately! I went through my stash yesterday and noticed that I seem to have accumulated a lot of lipsticks in this nude/pink/cinnamon family, and also a lot of reds. I need some variety now! This dries matte and lasts a long time. I actually had trouble removing it when I was ready to take it off.



The value of my bag worked out to $94.33 USD. It’s funny, the bags I’ve been really happy with lately seem to have had a much lower value than this. While I am happy to see Ipsy deliver on the value promised, I’m just not too excited with this bag. Still, the Luxie brush is amazing and makes the $22CAD I spent on the bag worth it.

What did you get in your Ipsy bag this month!? If you haven’t subscribed to Ipsy and would like to do so you can sign up HEREAs always, thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post please give it a like and follow Always Cleia for more beauty related content. I’m on Instagram & Twitter, comment you came from my blog and I’ll follow you back ❤ 

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17 thoughts on “Ipsy May 2017 “Summer Friday” Unboxing

    1. Awe, I know it really sucks when a box doesn’t ship to your country! I can’t get Sephora play in Canada 😞 Ipsy has grown a lot though so maybe they’ll start shipping internationally soon?? Fingers crossed!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve been using that Luxie brush for powder foundation! It works really well! I haven’t tried it with a liquid though. Is that what you have used it with?

    I’m getting the IT Cosmetics mascara as well. I’m liking the sounds of the “elastic stretch” lol. I used a mascara from a brand called Touch in Sol and it did the whole stretching thing. I don’t know how but it literally did feel like my lashes were being stretched. So weird but cool!


    1. I’ve tried it with my cream foundation and it was alright, definitely not as good as a blending sponge for liquids. Good to hear it works well for powders though, I might go back to powder foundation for the summer ☺ really?? I thought the elastic stretch was just a fancy marketing claim haha! Now I really want to try it, but I have five other mini mascaras to use first 😄


  2. I feel the same way about that nail polish!! I’ve been wanting to try that brand forever but it looks almost the exact same as the shade I received last month; total bummer!


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