Kooshoo Lifestyle Eco Hair ties


I ran out of hair ties a few weeks ago. Hair ties only last so long before they break, and when they do they literally become trash. I don’t know if many of you follow current events, but recently Steven Hawking released a statement announcing that he believes humanity only has 200 years to find a new planet before Earth is rendered uninhabitable by Global Warming, and/or nuclear war, asteroids, or engineered viruses. While there is literally nothing I can do about asteroids or wars, I decided that I can do my part in reducing my carbon & ecological footprint.

I could only find one company, Kooshoo, that makes biodegradable and ethically sourced hair ties. I was really surprised that there was only one, but with this culture of mass consumption and waste I guess it’s really not that surprising.

They included a hand written note to me!! 

About the Company: Kooshoo is a husband and Wife team based in Vancouver BC, with the mission “to consciously create fashionable and fun products”. Everything is designed in Vancouver, and produced in Los Angeles, California.

Materials: All products are made with organic cotton. They also contain tencel. I learned from the Kooshoo FAQ section that tencel is a fibre made from the Pulp of Eucalyptus trees, which is also sustainably harvested according to Kooshoo. The elastic component is a blend of cotton and natural rubber, both of which are biodegradable.


Price: A five pack of hair ties costs $15 each. I chose the colourful pack, but there are brown and black ties as well. $15 IS expensive when you can go down to the supermarket or the dollar store and find a cheaper alternative, but for $15 I know that I am buying from a small, ethically minded company and am lessening my impact on landfills at the same time.

Function: I found that these ties are a bit stiff. I can only stretch them out to wrap two loops around my hair. If I did a low pony tail they had a tendency to fall out, so I had to do a high pony where I could gather more hair to keep them in. They can pinch if you gather your hair too close to your scalp, so it’s a balancing act to making them loose enough to be comfortable without falling out. I also have shortish hair, so I feel like they would work much better for those with medium to long hair.

Thanks for reading lovelies, I hope that you guys found this review helpful! I am gradually making small changes in my lifestyle to make it more sustainable, so please let me know if you are interested in reading my updates on the process!

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM






3 thoughts on “Kooshoo Lifestyle Eco Hair ties

  1. I commend you for making more sustainable choices! I admire that! It’s something I’ve thought about more and more in my own choices as I get older. I would love to hear more about your process!


    1. It’s crazy how much stuff we all consume without even thinking about the impact we are making. The statement was really eye opening for me, I spend a good two weeks feeling depressed about the state of our planet. I’m definitely not going to drastically change my lifestyle overnight, but I’m hoping to start slowly making little changes. I will hopefully be able to share more in the coming months! Thanks for reading!!


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