Essence Gel Pot Eyeliner Review


A few months back I purchased a pot of Essence Gel Eyeliner from my local drugstore. I wanted to try out gel liner, but I didn’t feel like splurging on something high end. Essence makeup is known for being extremely affordable. This gel liner was $4.99 in store when I purchased it.

Packaging Essence packaging is always simple, which I like. The black lid is plastic and screws onto a little glass bottle. It may not look like much, but this contains a fair amount of product.

Application I definitely need to use a fine angled brush to apply this eyeliner. I use my em cosmetics angled liner brush whenever I use this product. I found it harder to make a wing with a brush as opposed to a felt tip, but I haven’t practiced very much with a brush!


Formula I experience zero tugging against my eyelid when I apply this gel liner. It adheres to the skin really well, including over eyeshadow, and doesn’t feather. It dries fast, so the bottle needs to be sealed tightly between uses. I highly recommend using a quick spritz of a brush cleanser to get the excess off of your brush. If the product dries onto your brush it will be hard and crusty which will make for a very bad time for your next application!

Longevity This liner lasts me all day, unless I’m doing something silly like rubbing my eyes. It’s also fairly waterproof, so I don’t find it sliding off my face during a workout or shower. It will smudge a little bit in the shower, but I’m typically trying to remove my makeup, not leave it on if I’m showering!


Final Thoughts

I feel absolutely no need to go experiment with expensive high end gel liners now. I’d like to maybe compare the drugstore with the high end version one day, but for now I’m content using Essence gel eyeliner! I am seriously so impressed!

What’s your favourite gel eyeliner!? Thank you so much for reading! I put a lot of time and effort into making my blog as good as it can possibly be while leaving it as a hobby, not a part time job. Remember to follow on Instagram & Twitter! Comment you came from my blog and I’ll follow you back ❤

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20 thoughts on “Essence Gel Pot Eyeliner Review

  1. This liner sounds great! I’ve only tried one other gel liner before so I don’t have much experience and or much to compare against, but for $5, this gel liner by Essence sounds like a steal! Definitely going to check this out next time!


  2. I’m glad this worked out for you! Essence seems to have so many great products! It’s amazing how cheap they are.

    I have only tried gel liner once and I honestly gave up. I couldn’t do the wing while using a brush either lol.


    1. Yes they are, and the quality is pretty good with Essence too! Thank you so much!! Oh no, I’m sorry about that, thanks for letting me know there was a problem with the link. I just fixed it but I see that you found me anyway! =)

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