August “good vibes only” Ipsy Reveals are up!!


Hey guys! As you can guess by the title of this post I resubscribed to Ipsy again. I’m not sure how long it will stick, as I’m scaling back on spending as I get ready from my trip to Peru. Right now you can hop on over to Ipsy and check your glam bag reveal, or you can subscribe with my link HERE if you are interested in trying it out! Here’s my glam bag reveal:

August Reveal

The bag isn’t really my style. I like my accessories to be more subtle, so bags with words on them aren’t really for me. The blending brush will get some use, and I love the mint green colour! I will definitely use those sheet masks, and I will probably need to pick up a z palette at some point to place all my tiny TheBalm samples. I wish Ipsy would stop sending me mascara as I only open one of them at a time and I have eight mini mascaras already to get through!!

Overall I’m notΒ super excited this month, but I can use most of the products this month!

What are you getting in your glam bag this month!?Β If you aren’t currently a glam bag subscriber you can sign up HERE! Thanks for reading everyone, remember to follow and like this post! You can also find me onΒ Instagram.

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 3.37.31 PM


5 thoughts on “August “good vibes only” Ipsy Reveals are up!!

      1. Yeah this is a first! I actually kinda love it… I asked for the mascara because I wanted to try it, but I was pleasantly surprised by the colour correcting concealer. I wanted a liquid green one so that’s perfect. And I’m super pleased with the sheet masks of course, and love brushes. I can live without theBalm’s minuscule eyeshadow sample but because I like the rest of the items, I’m not too mad! XD


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