Topbox September 2017 Review

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It’s been so long since my last Topbox review! The last time I reviewed Topbox was November 2016. In the meantime however, I have been reviewing Luxebox, the seasonal version of Topbox. So it’s not like I was completely gone from this subscription! I don’t know exactly what compelled me to switch back to monthly, but here I am with the regular Topbox for September.

About Topbox

Included: 4-5 sample to full size beauty products.
Cost: $12CAD
Shipping: Free
Personalize: Fill out a profile on your account for better product matches.

MaskerAide Tell Me ‘Pout It Lip Mask $7CAD
I’ve never tried this brand or a lip mask before, but I’m excited to try out a lip mask! I’ve never used one before but my lips have been so dry lately, it’s worth a try.

AvryBeauty Camomile Gloves 2 Packs $2.76CAD
I got this brand in my Summer Luxebox when I received a Jelly foot soak! I don’t have a foot soaker so I gifted it to my mom, she absolutely loved it! It’s starting to get a bit drier where I live so I’m finding my hands need some pampering lately. I will put these gloves to good use.

Glam Glow Youthmud Tinglexfoliate TreatmentΒ 0.5oz $24CAD

I was thinking about trying out some more glam glow products, I LOVE Glam Glow samples! It’s too expensive for me to go out and buy so I love getting samples to try out!

IBY Beauty Bubbly Highlighter Mini $6.12CAD
This shade is more of a luminous blush on me than a highlighter. It’s very pretty though, I’m going to add it to my regular makeup bag and try it out!


My Topbox this month came out to $39.88! Topbox is normally a lower ticket box for me, but the value is on par with my ipsy subscription this month. I love how much skincare was included this month, my beauty boxes are mostly full of makeup so I’m really pleased with the curation!

What’s your favourite Beauty box, and are you Topbox Subscriber!?Β Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for my Fabfitfun unboxing next week ❀ Remember to like & Subscribe here and on Instagram & Twitter!


5 thoughts on “Topbox September 2017 Review

  1. Love this box! The GlamGlow tingles a bit but my skin handled it well. Just a warning in case you have sensitive skin lol. It did give nice results. My face felt and looked smoother after.

    So need to try that lip mask. I’ve tried their under eye masks and enjoy those. They apparently sell this brand at Rexall now if you have one of those in your province!

    Also I love hand masks. The ones I have tried have been so good! Relaxing too!


    1. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m excited to! Thanks for the warning, my skin sometimes reacts weird to products so I’ll look out for that.

      I remembered seeing that you like this brand, I couldn’t remember if it was the lip masks or the eye masks! I do have a rexall nearby! That’s good to know so I don’t have to pay for shipping online.

      I tried out the hand masks today and had the weirdest experience, my hands were so soft afterwards but something in the masks made my hands get really cold and go numb!! It was so uncomfortable, I went and ran my hands under hot water to warm them up after. I’m not sure if that’s a normal side effect of camomile :S


      1. Yeah I enjoy the eye masks and the acne patches. I haven’t see this brand in store though where I live so hopefully you can find it if you end up liking that lip mask!

        That sounds so weird about the gloves! I have no idea if camomile normally makes skin react like that. I’ll have to watch out for that when I use them.


      2. I hope so! I’ll hopefully get around to trying it this week

        I did a google search of camomile and numbing and found nothing. Camomile is supposed to soothe, so I think it might be something else in the gloves πŸ˜• I’m just very confused, it was so weird lol!


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