Cleia’s Favourite Beauty YouTubers

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Hey guys, first things first, HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my Canadian readers out there! I hope you at least got one day to spend with family this weekend, if not three!

I don’t know what’s come over me recently, but I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube Beauty Channels in my time off lately. The only beauty channel I subscribed to before starting my blog was Kathleen Lights, and while I love her I started looking to see what else was out there.

Allie Gines

Allie just hit 100k subscribers on youtube. Her channel isn’t super well known, but that’s still a lot of subscribers! She sounds really down to earth and I don’t get the impression that she is bragging about any of her PR products which is a must for me. I love her drugstore beauty looks as well has her wedding series (I’m already married, but I just love wedding makeup!


just started watching Tati in the last month or so. I got really sick and had to take 3 days off work so I pretty much spent the whole time watching Tati’s channel. I love that she tells you if she doesn’t like something but she doesn’t say “this product sucks don’t buy it”. She knows how to be diplomatic. I also love her husband James so much, I think they make an adorable couple and I love how cute they are when they film together!

Madison Miller

Madison Miller shares the same last name with me so whenever I watch her videos I’m like, It’s Miller Time. It’s a beer reference, in case you aren’t aware of that! xD I like that when I’m interested in a new product she almost immediately has swatches or a review up. I also like her Dope or Nope series.


Zabrena’s makeup tutorials are a little different from what I’m used to, but I ABSOLUTELY love her historical makeup tutorials. I stayed up until 3am one day watching them all, she researches the hell out of her video topics and I think it’s really cool that I’m learning something about history through makeup! Her Ancient Egyptian historical makeup tutorial is one of my favourites!

Kathleen Lights
KL still makes the list. I like watching her Boxycharm try on videos, they give you a great little review of each item and an overview of the box. Kathleen is great at pointing out dupes for high end products and telling you exactly why she likes or doesn’t like a product. I also really enjoy watching her hauls and makeup tutorials.

Who are your favourite beauty YouTubers?

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10 thoughts on “Cleia’s Favourite Beauty YouTubers

  1. I love Tati too! I also love Drea CN. She’s a smaller channel but she’s Canadian which I love. Another Canadian is Rachhloves who is so entertaining and down to earth!


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