Lancome Grandiôse Liquid Eyeliner Review

Lancome Grandiôse Feature Image

Hey Beauties, today’s post is a review of the Lancome Grandiôse Eyeliner! It’s been a while since I’ve written an eyeliner review, I have a little stash of makeup that I will “shop” when it’s time to replace an old or dried out product. I dislike having tons of mascaras and eyeliners open at a time so I have max two or three on the go at once. When I ran out of Illamasqua precision Ink I chose the Lancome Grandiôse Eyeliner to be my next full time liquid eyeliner!

This product was sent to me last winter as part of the Elle Canada Grand Prix Juror process. All the products were wrapped in a way that I could use them but couldn’t see the labelings so after a week I submitted my reviews to Elle and removed the labels to see what I had been using. I then sealed it up and forgot about it until Fall x

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At A Glance

Lancome Grandiôse Eyeliner retails for $40CAD ($32USD). It comes in 7 shades on Lancome’s Website and 8 at Sephora. Several shades appear to be Metallic, for example the green, silver and cerulean shades available, but the black, brown, blue, and pink shades are Matte.




The packaging is beautiful! Lancome gets an A+ for designing such a gorgeous bottle, I just want to set it on my vanity and never use it because it’s so lovely. The applicator handle is black but then it fades to clear with a little black rose in the center. There’s a ball inside the liner to help mix it up.

The wand bends to a 35 degree angle for easy application. I didn’t realize this at first and had a moment of panic when I thought I had broken the handle! Now that I know it’s intentional I like this feature because I have a wrist problem. Some days bending it causes me pain so having a bendable wand is an unexpected bonus for me.

Swatches Still Drying


Grandiôse dries down completely matte. If you don’t like shine in your eyeliner the matte shades might be up your alley. It dries down in about 30 seconds to a minute depending on how thick your line is.

The felt tip is thin for added precision. I had problems getting enough product on the wand, I had to fully screw the lid on and shake the bottle every time I needed to dip it. I had to do this at least twice per eye. Once the wand is fully coated the sharp tip makes it easy to draw a wing and get the line as thick or thin as I want. It dries pretty quickly too.

Longevity This lasted an 8 hour day before slightly fading on the inner portion of my eyelid. My wing was still intact as long as I wasn’t rubbing my eyes or anything like that. When using makeup remover it would flake off instead of dissolving into the cotton ball.

Lancome Grandiôse Eyeliner Swatch

Final Thoughts

I like this eyeliner — The packaging is beautiful and once the wand is completely coated I find it easy to draw my wing. I don’t however agree that Grandiôse is worth $40CAD. Twenty bucks maybe but it’s definitely not worth $40! Even if I didn’t have issues coating the wand I wouldn’t choose a cheaper option over Grandiôse. I don’t think this product is bad but I don’t think it’s absolutely amazing either so I can’t justify the price.


How much would you pay for Grandiôse? 

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5 thoughts on “Lancome Grandiôse Liquid Eyeliner Review

    1. It works quite well, but $40 makes me hesitant to purchase. This eyeliner was the top liquid eyeliner choice in Elle Canada’s Grand Prix this year, so lots of people like it!
      Oooo a metallic purple would be gorgeous! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  1. $40 is way too much for eyeliner! But your eyeliner does look really good and the packaging is stunning for sure!!

    This post reminds me of that Physicians Formula eyeliner I was telling you about. At my Shoppers, it was $20 but I came across it on Amazon and and it’s only $14.79 and Amazon has it on sale for $10.49! I think I’m gonna buy it and let you know how it is!


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