My Beauty Drawer: Makeup Brushes

Copy of Copy of My Beauty Drawer

Hey guys! Welcome back for another instalment of what’s in My Beauty Drawer! I’ve been slowly chronicling the contents of my makeup stash. Other posts in this blog series are my Eyeshadow Collection and my Lipstick Collection. I just think it’s fun to check out Beauty Blogger and YouTuber’s makeup stashes!


Face Brushes

  • Sephora Sparkle & Shine Classic Mini Multitasker Brush This isn’t my ultimate favourite brush but it’s good for applying powdered products. I take this travelling.
  • Crown Brush C494 Ombre Angle Brush I always forget I have this brush. It works well for highlight and blush.
  • Luxie Beauty 660 Dreamcatcher Precision Foundation Brush  I looove this brush! I use it to apply a thin layer of foundation before blending out with a blending sponge. I’m a lighter coverage girl so this works really well for me. It’s also a great brush for setting your undereye area with powder.
  • Mememe Loose powder brush This is my go to every day blush brush. It picks up the perfect amount of pigment!
  • Generic Powder Brush This is from the first brush set I ever bought off Amazon. It was a $25 set and the brushes came branded with “Urban Decay” down the sides. It’s totally fake, but the brushes weren’t terrible for a beginner. This is one of the few brushes I kept and use daily. I use it to blend out bronzer and blush if I have any harsh lines.


Shader + Packing Brushes

  • e.l.f. “C” Brush This is a good brush for all over lid shades or to set your eye primer. It is apparently for blending out a smokey eye, but I honestly never use it that way!
  • Lottie London Perfectly Precise Eyeshadow Brush This is probably my most used eye brush. It’s great for packing on eyeshadow or setting your primer, and it’s bright pink!
  • Vera Mona Smudger Brush  I only started using this recently despite it collecting dust since I received it in my May 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag. Oops! It works great for packing on eye shadow to the outer and inner corners of my eyes for a smokey or more dramatic look.


Blending + Crease Brushes

  • SLMissGlam T35 Precise Blending Brush I received this in the August Ipsy Glam Bag. It’s not as soft as my other blending brushes but it still works well. In addition to blending I will sometimes use it to apply my transition shade.
  • Elizabeth Mott Blending Brush This brush is so soft and beautiful. I love the pretty mint green handle. It’s also a decent blending brush!
  • e.l.f. Defining Eye Brush This brush costs only $1USD! I used this almost every day for probably a year after I bought it, it fits really nicely in the crease.
  • e.l.f. Blending Eye Brush This was also only $1! It’s not my favourite to be honest, but it would be good for travel if you don’t want to take more expensive brushes along. I much prefer the SLmissglam and Elizabeth Mott Blending brushes.
  • Generic Brush The brush on the end is also has a fake Urban Decay label! I kept this one because I had a tiny little pot of under eye setting powder for a while that it fit perfectly into. I also used it as a blending brush when I first started learning about makeup.


Miscellaneous Brushes

Angled Liner Brushes

  • Generic Angled Liner This works well for eyeshadow, not so much gel eyeliner
  • em Cosmetics Angled Liner This was an Ipsy reward and you can’t currently buy it. I love it. The short bristles give me a lot of control and precision when applying gel liner!

Concealer/Lip Brushes

  • Generic Lip brush I sometimes use this for concealer, not gonna lie!
  • Generic Concealer Brush I use this a lot for concealer. It’s gentler on my skin than applying with my fingers, and probably more sanitary too. It came with a cap.


And that wraps up my Makeup Brush Collection at the moment! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, let me know if you spotted any favourites or if you have any recommendations for me to try! 

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10 thoughts on “My Beauty Drawer: Makeup Brushes

    1. Almost all of them are from subscription boxes, The only ones I bought on their own are the ones with the redish bristles and the mini Sephora brush. There are so many brushes out there I don’t know if I could pick just one brand either. Morphe has full brush sets that are more affordable than the brushes at Sephora, I want to try them out next!

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