Favourite Holiday Candles – Blogmas 2017


Hello and welcome to Blogmas on Always Cleia! I’m doing a sort of “Modified” Blogmas this year. I wanted to participate in the extravaganza but I knew that I would never be able to write and take photos for 25 blogposts through out the Holiday season while keeping the quality of my content consistent. Enter Modified Blogmas! I have decided to keep my regular MWF blog post schedule while adding two or three Holiday Themed post each week.

In today’s Blogmas post I’m sharing my favourite Ride or Die candle fragrances for the holidays.

Fresh Balsam B&BW Candle

#1 Fresh Balsam
Fresh Balsam from Bath & Body Works is the candle that I buy each holiday season. I need to have it every year when we set up our Christmas tree! We have a little artificial tree that we set up in my office each year, and I like to burn this pine scented candle so my house smells like we have a real tree.

Indigo Scents Ginger Pumpkin Spice Candle

#2 Ginger Pumpkin Spice
This is a bit of a bleed over from Fall, but I still love to burn this candle at Christmas. It’s from Chapters’ Indigo Scents fragrance line. While it is a pumpkin candle I find the spices come through a lot more than the pumpkin and it just fills me with cozy fuzziness. I remember burning this candle for our very first married Christmas!

Red Velvet Cupcake B&BW Candle

#3 Red Velvet Cupcake
This candle was a Christmas gift actually in 2013. I don’t burn it often, but I always burn it at some point around the holidays. This time of year I love my baking scented candles!

Indigo Scents Cinnamon Mulled Cider Candle

#4 Cinnamon & Mulled Cider
This is a new candle discovery for me. I bought it when Indigo released their fall scents and it’s sooo fragrant! I only have the mini tin but it fills up my living room like a B&BW 3-Wick candle. Cider is something my husband’s family always has around the house during the holidays. While I’m not a fan of the drink itself I adore the smell!

2017 Favourite Holiday Candles

What’s Your Favourite Holiday Candle? 

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27 thoughts on “Favourite Holiday Candles – Blogmas 2017

  1. Ugh, I feel like there’s something wrong with me. Every time I burn candles, even the 3-wick BBW ones, I can’t smell anything no matter how long I’ve been burning it. The only thing I can smell is the smoke once I’ve blown it out lol. The Fresh Balsam one especially sounds so wonderful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I forgot about the Winter candle! That one is nice too ☺That must smell great with a real tree! My cats wouldn’t tolerate a real tree, they’d be climbing and eating it so it’s artificial for us 😅


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