Travel Peru – Colca Canyon Trek



Lunch was served at a little village called San Juan De Chuccho. Thankfully we were served a more substantial meal than breakfast. Included was a vegetable soup made from squash, carrots, and potato. We were also served a plate of rice and vegetables with beef. Being a vegetarian I was served a quiche and avocado instead of beef. Forty minutes later we set off towards the lodge for the night. 


The hike to Sangalle Oasis, the canyon lodge, took about three hours. For Mike and I it could have been quicker but since we were hiking in a larger group our guide wanted us to pause and wait for the others. We didn’t mind actually, it gave us time to catch our breath.

The lodge was beautiful but also rustic. It had a pool, but by the time we got to the lodge the sun was starting to set and the weather was cooling off. We were so dusty from the hike that we went in the pool regardless of the temperature. It was pretty cold! I forgot to pack a towel with me so I had to air dry afterwards. The rooms were basically outdoor huts. No electricity, no attached bathroom. Luckily Mike & I were given our own room, but solo travellers were roomed in dorms.

Sangalle Oasis Lodge

Another thing I need to mention is that the lodge does not have toilet paper. Bring your own personal wipes for every excursion out of the city because you aren’t guaranteed to have toilet paper. I heard that some people were using old receipts and pieces of paper. You do NOT want that to be you! There is running water but you also need to bring your own hand soap.

Sangalle Oasis Puppy

I mentioned in my post about Lima & Huacachina that there are dogs everywhere, and I meant everywhere. The Oasis was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and yet there were quite a few furry friends living there. This dog was chilling at the lodge, and another black dog followed us up the entire mountain the second day!

Food at the lodge was disappointing. At 7:30pm we were fed some kind of creamy soup as well as spaghetti noodles with butter and chopped tomato on top. The portions were small and after a long day of walking it didn’t fill us up. After dinner we were served chamomile tea and sent off to bed.


12 thoughts on “Travel Peru – Colca Canyon Trek

  1. Haha, I do remember seeing dogs everywhere when we were in Peru. I opted for just going up to the lookout, as the Machu Picchu hike was more than enough for me. Food inclusion packages were always a bit sketchy when I was there too. Well done on completing the hike!! Definitely an incredible achievement 🙂


    1. I wish we had been able to do the Machu Picchu hike! We’re hoping to return to Peru one day and do just Machu Picchu and the Amazon. I heard that the Machu hike was pretty tough from some travelers we ran into at Colca canyon!
      Moral of the story with food is: Bring your own food! xD
      Thanks for reading 🙂

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  2. I know what you mean about being Westernized – in Japan they offer fish for breakfast… what? 😮 This is why we always pack Clif bars whenever we travel – just to be safe.
    Condors and vultures in general freak me out!
    Oh ouch on the tripping – yes, there are times when it doesn’t pay to photograph. I’ve had to put my camera away whenever I’m at risk of hurting myself or losing my camera. 😛

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    1. Haha fish for breakfast? I can’t even imagine! 😄
      We had some granola bars with us luckily, we needed them!
      The condors were pretty far away, i think I would have been freaked out too if they were up close
      Exactly, it was one of those experiences you just have to experience through your own eyes instead of the camera lens. I didn’t want to fall off the cliff by accident 😂


  3. Really enjoyed reading more about your trip! I can’t believe the hikes you did! You should definitely be proud. It probably would have killed me haha. The hot springs sound absolutely amazing. I’ve always wanted to go in a hot spring! The dogs everywhere definitely break my heart. I would have probably tripped trying to take a picture as well lol.


    1. It was so challenging! I don’t know how people had the energy to go mountain biking the next day, I certainly didn’t 😂 The hot springs were so nice! I love going to the hot springs in Jasper & Banff when I get the chance, I haven’t been in years though.
      Poor dogs 😦


      1. Jasper and Banff are on my list of places to visit! They look amazing in pictures! I’ve been to Alberta before but only drove through and stopped in Medicine Hat a long time ago to visit family.


      2. You have to go one day! There’s so many great places to camp and visit. I also love camping at Redstreak campground in BC, it’s just outside of Radium hot springs. In Banff & Jasper we have the Miette and the Banff upper hot springs but they tend to be way too hot for me! Unfortunately going to the rockies has been a bit risky the last year or so because of all the forest fires 😦


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