1000 Followers! THANK YOU!


I knew this day was coming for a while, but I wasn’t sure exactly when it would hit. I am so honoured and grateful to each and every one of you who has followed me over the past two years. I know that I have a slow growing blog compared to a lot of bloggers out there, but when I started I never thought that I’d make it to 1000. I have no plans of slowing down and am already making plans for next year! THANK YOU.

will be hosting a giveaway in January to celebrate once the holiday madness slows down!

Let’s Connect!

If you are new to my blog, please leave me a comment to say hello, and let me know a bit about you and/or your blog. I never would have kept up with Always, Cleia if it weren’t for all of your daily interactions. I love getting to know my fellow bloggers and many of you I consider friends. I will visit each and every blogger’s blog that comments on this post! I’d love it if you guys could check out my social media links! I’ll follow back (and never follow unfollow) ❤

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Always Cleia, 'Til Next Time


29 thoughts on “1000 Followers! THANK YOU!

    1. It’s so exciting for me! When I first started my blog I remember looking at blogs with 1000 followers and being like wow! I can’t believe it 🙂
      I’ve enjoyed reading yours too! Meeting new people is the best part of blogging 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Melina! I remember when I started blogging I saw bloggers with 1000+ followers and was like wow, that’s so many! I still can’t quite believe it… Blogging is still a hobby for me but I feel so blessed that I’ve found this community and gotten to know so many people through it, including you!
      I’m looking forward to seeing both of our blogs grow and flourish next year 🙂


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