Holiday Gift Guide For New Bloggers – Blogmas 2017

BLOGMAS 2017 Gift Guide For New Bloggers

Hello and welcome back to Blogmas on Always Cleia! Today’s post is a Gift Guide for New Bloggers! If you’re reading this through the WordPress reader chances are you’re a blogger yourself, or you might know a blogger who can benefit from this list. I based this off of what I would personally love to receive to inspire and help me continue to grow as a blogger.

The majority of the items on this list can be bought for under $100, unless you go out and buy the top notch quality, which is totally up to you! Gift guides that recommend mostly gifts $100+ are the worst, I personally can’t afford that and I know it’s frustrating to read a gift guide for someone who obviously has more money than they know what to do with. The majority of these gifts can be found for under $25 at a local store or online at Amazon.


Blog Design

Blog Header Design
If you or someone you know is good at graphic design you could offer to design a header or sign off image for the blogger. This is a great gift because not everyone has this skill set (I definitely don’t) and it allows you to give something of your time and energy to create & enrich the blogger’s space. I really love personal touches. The best gifts aren’t always bought with money!

Purchase of A Custom Domain or Self Hosting
Chances are if a new blogger is starting out they’ve got themselves a free WordPress account or an alternate free solution. A custom domain eliminates the dot wordpress dot com at the end of their domain. A domain doesn’t have to be expensive. If you purchase a WordPress Premium or Business account that will be pricey, but there are a lot of bloggers opting to go self hosted using an outside hosting company. I’ve heard good things about Bluehost as well as Go Daddy. I’m currently with WordPress Premium, but that’s not the only option out there!


Organizational Planner
Maintaining a consistent posting schedule is hard work. Organizational planners are helpful to stay on track for meeting post requirements and deadlines. I use my personal planner for a blog planner, so this gift idea can be helpful in more ways than one.


Blog Photo Basics

Adhesive Film & A Foam Board
Amazon sells all kinds of different Adhesive Films which can be stuck onto a foam board to create new camera back drops. DC FIX makes the marble backdrop I usually use for my flatlays. If your blogger often reviews products and is new to blogging he or she might not have a nice surface to showcase products on. I would have loved to receive this starting out!

Blog Props 
Blog props can be just about anything so they’re a good gift option for a shopper on a budget. For a beauty or lifestyle blogger I recommend artificial flowers for starters, with other options ranging from string lights to notebooks to a cute coffee mug. You can also check out craft stores like Michaels and see what they have in their home decor section!

A Photo Light Box
A light box is an all white box that allows a photographer to capture product shots with no harsh edges. It’s how you get a photo of a product that appears to be “floating” in a white background. These box set ups can get pricey, but you can get a starter box with lighting anywhere from $20 to $70 on Amazon.


Cellphone Photography

Cellphone Tripod with Bluetooth Timer
There is nothing worse than trying to get a photo of yourself with good lighting at an angle that isn’t a typical selfie angle. Amazon sells cell phone compatible tripods that can clip on to different surfaces, as well as full tripods with a phone adaptor. Many of these come with a bluetooth photo clicker so the blogger doesn’t need to set a timer and run back and forth between starting the timer and posing for the perfect shot.

Cellphone Ring Light
If the blogger you’re shopping for loves to take selfies for social media a clip on ring light for his or her phone is a good start. Professional bloggers often have a full tripod and ring light set up, but for the newbie blogger a clip on light is a good place to start! I got my first one a few weeks ago for about $13 on Amazon and it has changed my selfie game.

Money Towards New Tech
Chances are you aren’t loaded with the ability to lavish expensive gifts upon your loved ones without going broke. Who is really? If you are, that’s awesome! But realistically you aren’t going to go out and blow upwards of $700 on a good DSLR camera. If you know where the blogger in question loves to shop for tech you could get him or her a gift card towards a decent camera or lighting setup. Every little bit helps and is appreciated!


Camera Photography

New Camera Lenses
You’ll have to find out what type of camera the blogger is using, but new lenses can open up so many doors for blogger photography! This is another gift where you can get a gift certificate to a tech shop and say “This gift card is for [insert gift here]”.

A tripod is absolutely a must for any blogger trying to take nature, fashion or lifestyle shots. Even beauty bloggers will benefit from having a tripod.


Are you a blogger? What kinds of gifts would you love to receive this Holiday season? 

Thank you so much for reading! I truly hope this list has been helpful to find that perfect gift for the special blogger in your life, or to add some inspiration to your own list making this Blogmas season! If you found this list helpful please like and share it so that others can benefit from this post, and remember to subscribe on the sidebar to my mailing list! ❤

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25 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Guide For New Bloggers – Blogmas 2017

  1. Loved reading this, it actually is inspiring me to seek out lighting options! I always use natural daylight but it doesn’t always give me consistent tones in my photos. Also amen to gift guides that are $100+. It’s not realistic! xo J


    1. I use natural lighting too for the most part. I think natural lighting is better but it limits you in when you can photograph, especially in the winter.
      I read elle canada and I can’t even look at their gift guides. Pretty much everything is over $200!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lots of great tips. 🙂 The key is LIGHTING. I’m cursed with lack of natural lighting due to the angle of our condo and top priority for me was a whole whack of lighting. Also, I am constrained by space – really challenging to lay anything out so I use a chair with a bristol board as my “backdrop”. 😛 I think for brand new bloggers, they should just try out a free hosting site just to see if they can even stick to blogging for more than 6 months before committing to any hosting or domain – so many people decide that blogging isn’t for them and it’d be a waste to commit to an annual plan.


  3. Oh I know, the side of the house the windows are on makes a huge difference!! There’s nothing wrong with a chair and bristol board, we work with what we have available to us. I don’t think anyone can tell anyways!
    And yes absolutely! A lot of bloggers give up after a few months when they realize how much time and effort it is. I didn’t buy a domain until I had been blogging for a year and had gone through several blog name changes!


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