January 2018 “Game Face” Ipsy Glam Bag Reveals

ipsy game face

Another year, another month, another Ipsy Glam Bag. The Theme for January 2018 is Game Face. All the promotional photos and style/beauty tips this month revolve around fitness/track and field. It’s weird. It’s January, not April. Ipsters around North America are all about cozy winter vibes right now. Yes, there is pressure to go to the gym now that the new year has begun, but most of us aren’t running on a track outside… Maybe in the desert I guess. It seems like strange theme choice to me. 

Glam Bag 1 Jan

Glam Bag 2 Jan

The bag looks like a radioactive caterpillar… definitely NOT keeping this. What happened to the Chic bags that were so prominent at the start of 2018? I loved Last January’s Metropolis bag.

This month I am receiving a Coconut Coffee Scrub. The thing that baffles me about coffee scrubs is that coffee grounds are incredibly bad for clogging up drains. Our old landlord was a plumber and he told us this when he had to fix our kitchen sink! I’ve heard mixed reviews on the Ciaté London Fierce Flicks Eyeliner, but I’m happy to have it. It’s almost time to swap to another eyeliner from my stash and I was on my last backup eyeliner.

I’m not sure how I’ll like the Global Beauty Care Charcoal Wash Off Mask, but I do love my paper face mask nights. I’m almost out of my current brow gel so hopefully this BellaPierre StayPut Brow Gel is good. I just hope I get the gel in the shade Cardamom, not Licorice. I have never heard of Hola Neon, but this liquid lipstick is supposed to be creamy and is a pretty mauve shade.


What are you getting in your January Ipsy Glam Bag?

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