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ColourPop HaulHey everyone! I have yet another ColourPop Haul for you guys. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that ColourPop is one of my favourite makeup brands. Their formulas are (mostly) consistent and the products are affordable so it makes sense that I gravitate towards them for fun & interesting products.

I’ve been good lately about not buying every single ColourPop release that’s come out. I’ve realized that I just can’t try it all when CP has a new release every week. I bypassed the Bretman Rock, Becky G & iluvsarahii collections and I’m not regretting my decision. I went back and forth about whether or not I wanted the Salvaje palette but in the end I decided that it was so similar to the ABH Soft Glam palette that it wasn’t necessary. This time I picked out products that interested me instead of the ones that might draw in the most traffic. I hope you guys enjoy seeing what’s I ordered from ColourPop this time!

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ColourPop Haul #4

Everything arrived in a holiday collection box. I love that ColourPop changes up their packaging all the time instead of just sending boring cardboard boxes. It makes opening everything feel so much more special than opening a plain box would. The box was practically bursting open, it was absolutely packed with makeup!

ColourPop Chasing Rainbows Palette


Chasing Rainbows Pressed Powder Palette

I wasn’t planning on buying the Chasing Rainbows palette but it was included with my order for free. I love when that happens, I got the This is For You highlighter palette for free in my last big haul. Honestly the Chasing Rainbows palette never really struck me as a “holiday” palette. I was hoping for a rich emerald & ruby red palette for Christmas and instead got this conglomeration of unicorn barf. #Sorrynotsorry.

It IS a pretty palette, it’s just really not what I was expecting to see released at this time of year. I wasn’t going to say no to a free palette though!

Polished & Inspired also got this palette in a recent order so we’re going get our reviews up on the same day! It will be interesting to see if we have similar experiences with this palette.

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ColourPop Rendezvous Pressed Powder Shadow Palette Review

Rendezvous Pressed Powder Palette

When the Rendezvous palette was an Ulta exclusive I wasn’t super interested in it. After it appeared on ColourPop’s website I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I know I don’t need more eyeshadow palettes.. I have somewhat of an eyeshadow addiction and can’t seem to stop dreaming of new colour combinations! Somebody help me… It was on sale!

Rendezvous’ colour story is soft and romantic. I love the soft pink & Brown mattes mixed with gold. The blue and orange are interesting choices, I don’t know that I have shades quite like them. Overall I think it will be fun playing with this palette.

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ColourPop Dream Sequence Highlighter Palette review

Dream Sequence Super Shock Shadow Highlighter Palette

I really wanted to try out ColourPop’s Super Shock Highlighters. I’ve never tried them before so I figured it was high time I changed that. I also have a review up of their This Is For You pressed powder highlighter palette so it felt right to round out my content with a review of the super shock highlighter formula. The Dream Sequence face palette is their most recent super shock highlighter palette and it looks ethereal & dreamy.

The shades feel wet to the touch and they’re the most blinding sparkly highlighters I’ve ever seen! I prefer my highlighters to have a sheen as opposed to sparkle but these are special and I’m obsessed. Why have I never tried Super Shock Highlighters!? What have I been doing with my life!?

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Kathleen Lights Twinkling Lights Collection - Night Light Lip Gloss

Lip Products

Kathleen Lights Ultra Glossy Lip in Night Light

I want to buy everything that Kathleen Lights collaborates on but I’m trying to be better about selectively curating my makeup collection. I let myself pick out one thing from her Twinkling Lights Collection. The super shock eyeshadows were pretty but I rarely reach for the ones that I already have so I knew I wouldn’t get use out of them. I’ve tried both of CP’s Ultra Matte & Ultra satin lipstick formulas but the glossy lipsticks are new to me.

This is the shade Night Light. It has a ton of micro glitter, it’s stunning! I can’t wait to wear this on camera.

ColourPop Lippie Scrub in Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle Lippie Scrub

I was intrigued when ColourPop released lip balms and lip scrubs. They have tons of lipsticks, so why not introduce lip care? The shoe fits. I wanted Razzle Dazzle because of Nick from New Girl, so that’s why I added this shade to my ColourPop Haul. There’s an Episode where he tells Jess to not just Dazzle, but Razzle Dazzle. I love that show.

Razzle Dazzle is a pretty colour but the shade doesn’t stain your lips or anything like that. This lip scrub tastes absolutely amazing! I think it’s supposed to be raspberry flavoured but it reminds me of watermelon Hubba Bubba. Full review to come!

ColourPop No Filter Stick Foundation

Foundation & Singles

ColourPop No Filter Foundation Stix

I know that I didn’t need more foundation but it was on sale for $7…

I’m hoping that I like this stick foundation better than the liquid No Filter Foundation that came out earlier this year. I didn’t really enjoy like the liquid foundation so I’m hoping a stick foundation will work better with my skin type. From what I’ve heard this stick foundation isn’t quite as matte as the original No Filter Foundation so my fingers are crossed that it will be more dewy, or at least less dry.

I recently reviewed the Makeup Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation and I noticed that it works much better for me when it’s not winter, so I’m not sure it that will be the case with the No Filter Stick.

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ColourPop Paradiso Single Pressed Powder Shadow

Paradiso Pressed Powder Single

I rarely buy singles because I prefer to buy palettes that I can review but I decided what the heck, let’s buy something that is just for my personal enjoyment. This purple shade Paradiso speaks to me, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to Razzle Dazzle in all my purple products.

ColourPop Haul Flatlay

What have you hauled from ColourPop Lately?

Thank for for reading! Please let me know which products from ColourPop you want prioritized for reviews. Talk soon! xx



  1. January 21, 2019 / 2:46 am

    Such a great haul! I need to buy more Colourpop products lol! All the palettes are absolutely gorgeous and that highlighter palette sounds amazing! x

    • AlwaysCleia
      January 21, 2019 / 11:57 pm

      It’s hard to decide what to buy, they have so many great palettes & products to choose from. I think the highlighter palette is one of my favourite things here so far!

  2. January 16, 2019 / 9:54 am

    Great haul! Cool that you got a free palette! I have been wanting to go back to their site to buy a few more things but I need to wait, lol. I personally love their singles so much and got a bunch in my last two CP hauls, I feel like in a way that’s better for me because I can get shades I don’t have in my stash yet. 😁
    Excited to see reviews of some of these in the future!

  3. January 16, 2019 / 8:41 am

    Great haul! Oooh that highlighter palette looks so pretty! I’m interested to hear what you think about the lip scrubs. I’m always looking for affordable ones!

    • AlwaysCleia
      January 16, 2019 / 8:21 pm

      My highlighter palette review will be going up on Friday, I’ve been wearing it everyday and it’s sooo pretty! I don’t know why I’ve never tried their super shock highlighters before. I need to pick up Flexitarian next time.
      The lip scrub is really nice! It tastes like watermelon Hubba Bubba to me (it’s supposed to be raspberry, so maybe my taste buds are off). For the price I think it’s really great, I actually like it more than my Fresh lip polish and the Bite Beauty Agave lip scrub. It tastes better and works about the same.

  4. January 15, 2019 / 1:34 pm

    These all look so nice. I had to stop buying so much Colour Pop too LOL. Their palettes always just speak to my soul hehe. But I do NOT need any more. I always put them in my cart, but then take a look at my current collection and just can’t justify it. I don’t use the palettes I have enough as it is, I can’t be buying more. But I love the colours of the ones here!

    • January 15, 2019 / 1:35 pm

      Oh and I am very curious about their highlighters. I haven’t tried those either.

      • AlwaysCleia
        January 16, 2019 / 8:19 pm

        My super shock highlighter palette review will be going up on Friday this week! I absolutely love them!

    • AlwaysCleia
      January 16, 2019 / 8:18 pm

      I had to find a bigger box for all my palettes, and now they don’t fit in THAT box! I need to be done with palettes for a little while lol.
      I’m planning on doing a huge project pan this year so that I actually focus on clearing out space for new things.
      But yes these palettes are so pretty!

  5. January 15, 2019 / 12:38 pm

    I’ve been using the foundation for about a week now, and I will say this, the product will definitely last longer than the makeup revolution. I feel like when you swipe the makeup revolution, so much product comes off the actual stick, which is not the case with the colourpop one. Another thing I have noticed so far is that it doesn’t feel as “greasy” as the MUR one. It has a light/medium coverage, which I will say wasn’t as good as the MUR medium/full coverage. I still have to play with it and see which primers work best with it and stuff, but I can’t wait to hear what you think about it! xxx

    Melina |

  6. January 15, 2019 / 8:43 am

    Oh wow the Rendezvous Palette looks gorgeous! I’m so behind with ColourPop and have barely tried anything from this brand yet (except some Super Shock Shadows). I guess it’s because I don’t buy a lot of beauty stuff online; I always prefer to go to Ulta or some other store. Your haul looks amazing! Can’t wait to read all your reviews!

    • AlwaysCleia
      January 16, 2019 / 8:16 pm

      I love ColourPop but their constant releases are exhausting! It’s probably a good thing if you haven’t succumbed to all the hype lol. Their formulas are good but nobody needs every single palette.
      But the Rendezvous palette is really pretty. The colour story is unique enough that I thought it would be a good edition to my makeup stash while still being wearable enough for an everyday look.
      Thank you for reading! I can’t wait to get some reviews up soon!

      • January 17, 2019 / 10:33 am

        I definitely hear you on ColourPop. I think it’s a little too much with them sometimes; too many launches too quickly. I feel they don’t build up any suspense with their products; just buy, buy buy. I would still like to try more cause everyone says the quality is so good for the price. I think my first line of attack would probably be their Luxe Lipsticks!

        • AlwaysCleia
          January 21, 2019 / 11:28 pm

          exactly. They really play into that fear of missing out with quick releases and discontinued products all the time. The quality IS good though, so I can’t really fault them for it!
          Oh yes there are so many shades to choose from of the Lux lipsticks!

  7. January 14, 2019 / 11:20 pm

    Those palettes are so beautiful! Cannot wait to hear your thoughts on all of them 🙂

    • AlwaysCleia
      January 16, 2019 / 8:13 pm

      They’re so pretty! I don’t even know which eyeshadow palette to use in the morning anymore! I think that’s a sign that I have too many…

      • January 16, 2019 / 11:31 pm

        Haha, it’s a nice problem to have! 😀

  8. S | VividlyLovely
    January 14, 2019 / 8:15 pm

    Great haul! I’m so tempted to get the Chasing Rainbows palette, but I have so many eyeshadow palettes—I don’t need it! I can’t wait to see your review of it!

    • AlwaysCleia
      January 16, 2019 / 8:13 pm

      I can totally relate! And colourpop just teased another palette that’s releasing tomorrow, it’s purple and beautiful and I want it so bad! But I don’t really need yet another palette…

      • S | VividlyLovely
        January 17, 2019 / 5:41 am

        Ugh, me neither! And I agree, that purple palette is gorgeous!

  9. Jeanette Tinoco
    January 14, 2019 / 4:41 pm

    I used to buy colour pop products all the time in the beginning when they came out. I bought Kathleen lights first two collections and Jenn Im. Kathleens new collection is so pretty. Great post.

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