Brand Spotlight: Moroccan Oil Haircare

These past few months I’ve been trying out Moroccan Oil haircare products. I redeemed some points at Sephora for a four piece haircare set, and I also made a full sized purchase of the Moroccan Oil Blow Dry Concentrate back in October. I’ve been looking for products that stop my hair from tangling into a ball by the end of the day. I’m still building my perfect haircare routine but I’m off to a good start!

Today I wanted to share some flash reviews of the products I’ve been able to try, in the hopes that it helps someone who is thinking about trying Moroccan Oil haircare. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products!

Spotlight on Moroccan Oil

Moroccan Oil Haircare Products

Moroccan Oil products are made with cold pressed argan oil. Argan oil contains high contents of vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. It has many uses in the beauty industry, from reducing the appearance of wrinkles, to smoothing flyaways and deeply nourishing hair. Some of my favourite hair masks have argan oil, like the Moroccan Gold Argan Oil Mask.

The products I’m sharing today are the Moroccan Oil Treatment Light, Blow Dry Concentrate, Weightless Hydrating mask, Leave in Conditioner and Hydrating Styling Cream. Let’s get started!

Moroccan Oil Treatment Light + Weightless Hair Mask

Moroccan Oil Treatment Light

For those of you who don’t like the feeling of heavy products in your hair the Morroccan Oil Treatment Light may be a good option. The oil isn’t as heavy as others I’ve tried in the past and it didn’t weigh down my hair. Those of you with fine hair would probably enjoy this treatment.

My hair is on the thicker side and I didn’t feel like this oil completely tamed all my frizziness. The texture was nice but I probably would have preferred the regular version of the Moroccan Oil Treatment.

Moroccan Oil Weightless Hydrating Mask

The Weightless Hydrating Mask didn’t do much for me. I think this mask is meant for thin hair, so if your hair is on the thicker side like mine this mask might not provide enough hydration. I used generous amounts of product and left it in for close to an hour each time, but after rinsing it out my hair felt no different.

This mask is a pass for me unfortunately!

Moroccan Oil Blow Dry Concentrate

Moroccan Oil Blow Dry Concentrate

The Moroccan oil blow dry concentrate was an instant favourite for me. I initially tried a foil sample of it from Sephora order and this oil is amazing! My hair has never been smoother or shinier.

I ran out and bought the full size of the blow dry concentrate. Even though it was rather expensive ($32 CAD) I haven’t regretted it. This treatment is meant to be used before blow drying, but it works well if I air dry my hair too. The results are better when I blow dry, but I usually wash my hair at night so blow drying seems like an unnecessary step these days.

This concentrate is meant for coarse hair. I don’t consider my hair to be “coarse”, but it’s worked for me pretty well anyways.

Moroccan Oil Haircare Products

Moroccan Oil Volumizing Mist

This volumizing mist reminds me a lot of the light hold sea salt sprays I used to see in subscription boxes all the time. The hold is very light, so I wouldn’t rely on this spray to do much more than add some light texture & volume to your hair. I use it sometimes when I want to swoop one side of my bangs back from my face, but I find the hair finds it’s way back in my eyes anyways. This is another pass for me, I just don’t see the appeal when drugstore sprays are much cheaper provide better hold.

Moroccan Oil Leave in Conditioner

I liked the leave in conditioner from Moroccan Oil; However, I also feel like you can get very similar results from drugstore leave in conditioners. For example I love the Marc Anthony Leave in Conditioners, and they retail from $10 – $15 at the drugstore. For that reason alone I can’t recommend this product. $32 is a lot for something that you can get for $10 from another brand!

*I can’t find this on the brand site right now, so I wonder if it was discontinued?*

Have you tried Moroccan Oil Haircare Products?

I really wanted to love all of these products! Unfortunately I don’t really see the appeal of having an entire luxury haircare routine when you can find a lot similar products at the drugstore. I would say save your cash on things like leave in conditioners, shampoos and hair spray. Choose products that target your specific hair type and concerns. The exception to the rule for me is the Blow Dry Concentrate. I have never found anything that tames my crazy hair quite like it. I will 100% repurchase the concentrate when my full size is empty!




  1. Kaitlin (Zarowny) Roth
    April 12, 2021 / 1:18 pm

    Great breakdown of their products!
    I’m experiencing a weird hair phase where I get flakes but also oily hair. And the bottoms are starting to look dry. 😩
    I was really curious about the Moroccan Oil leave in conditioner, but maybe I should try a drugstore alternative before I break the bank, haha.

    • May 1, 2021 / 12:44 am

      Oh no, I wonder if it’s the change in weather? Maybe some kind of conditioning oil on just the ends of your hair would help, but I’m not a haircare expert by any means.
      I remember liking the Revlon Uniq one leave in conditioner a couple of years ago, and the Marc Anthony ones are good! Much cheaper than the Moroccan oil conditioner!
      Thank you for reading!

  2. April 12, 2021 / 9:20 am

    wonderful review!! I actually love the Moroccan oil treatment (the regular one) it smells so good. I think I’d love the light one cause my hair tends to be very oily, fast

    • May 1, 2021 / 12:44 am

      The light one would probably be a good option then! I’ll have to try the regular treatment one day. Thanks for reading! x

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