ColourPop All That Palette Review + Swatches + 3 Looks

Hey everyone! ColourPop has resumed shipping again! I was so bummed out when they had to stop shipping orders due to covid, but they announced on Sunday that they are now able to resume shipping. I hope that they restock most of their products asap, because there is almost nothing in stock online.

With shipping resuming I though it would be fitting to share my review of the ColourPop All That Palette. The last order that I placed before the shipping hold was pretty small, including only the All That Palette and the Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Tinted Moisturizer(reviewed here). While the moisturizer fell flat for me I had a much more positive experience with this rosy romantic palette!

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ColourPop All That Palette Review

Fall head over heels for this rich and sultry, scarlet red palette. Whether your look is sweet and soft glam, or sultry and smokey, create the perfect bedroom eyes with matte, metallic, and Pressed Glitter finishes. — ColourPop

The ColourPop All That Palette retails for $18USD and contains 16 shades in a mix of mattes, metallics and glitter finishes. The palette contains 14.2g of product, which is actually more than usual in CP’s 12 pan palettes. I’ve noticed that ColourPop has been lowering shadow quantities and increasing prices, but the All That Palette seems to be the exception to the rule with a value of $1.27.g

Sweet Talk contains $11.45g of product for $18 at a value of $1.57/g

Whatever contains 11.35g of product for $18 at a value of $1.59/g

ColourPop All That Palette

ColourPop All That Palette Packaging


Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that the ColourPop All That Palette released for Valentine’s Day. The packaging certainly conveys this with it’s neon heart signs and black & red design.

The All That Palette is made of cardboard and features a magnetic closure, but doesn’t contain a mirror. The only 12 pan palette I have from ColourPop that contains a mirror is the Zodiac Palette. I’m okay with not having a mirror, I have twenty other palettes with a mirror so I can grab one of those when I do my makeup! Mirrors aren’t easy to recycle so going mirror-less is a more eco-friendly option.

As an added feature the back of the palette is bubbled, so the outline of each eyeshadow pan is raised. It’s a small feature but it elevates the packaging in my opinion!

ColourPop All That & She Palettes

Colour Story

I was thrown for a bit of a loop the first time I tried out the ColourPop All that Palette. On the website and online it looked very neutral with some darker red tones thrown in the mix. That observation is entirely wrong!!

All the “neutral” shades in the All That Palette look much more pink on my eyes than they do in the pan. Some of the tan shades are petal pink against my skin tone! I think the dark red packaging kind of fools your eyes when you look at the eyeshadows in the palette. It takes away from how pink everything actually is!

And you know what? I don’t hate it. It’s kind of like a more wearable She Palette, if you guys remember the Karrueche collaboration from a few years ago. I love my She Palette but I almost never reach for it, I needed more lighter matte shades in that palette to make it work for my daily life. I can see myself reaching for the All That Palette more often. Some of the lighter matte pinks & shimmers are also similar to the Viseart Paris Edit!

I do think that this palette really needed some neutral brown shades. They could have replaced Silhouette or Please me with a darker matte brown and it would have made the palette much easier for me to use. I’ve been reaching for my Brown Sugar and Going Coconuts palette a lot lately to use with my All That Palette.

All That Palette, ColourPop Lux Lipsticks

The Elephant in the room…

I’m going to start by addressing the glitter shade: I hate it. I wish ColourPop wouldn’t include glitters in their palettes! I would much rather they included super shock shadows because I’ll actually reach for those unlike these chunky, flaky glitter finishes. That being said the glitter shade in the All That Palette is finer and adheres better than the glitters in the Sweet Talk palette, so there’s definitely been an improvement there.

I’m not sure if the shade Infatuation is supposed to be a glitter shade or not. It feels more like a super shock when I touch it, but in the pan it looks like a glitter. ColourPop doesn’t list super shock shadow as a finish in All That so Infatuation could be an ambiguous sparkly metallic?

The chunky metallic flakes can be crushed with your finger or a brush to get a smoother application. It’s uber pigmented, but a little tricky to work with.

All That Palette Review

Pigmentation, Fallout & Blend

Moving on now to the other finishes in the All That Palette. We’ll start by talking about the matte shades. They’re super pigmented!! I tried using the white shade Uncuffed to set my eye primer, and my advice to you now is don’t use this shade to set your eyes! It’s just too pigmented and will leave your eyes waaaay too white. Even if you’re the whitest girl like me, just don’t do it. Uncuffed can create a gorgeous matte white cut crease though!

All the mattes in the All That Palette are really nice, and I haven’t had any issues with them aside from some shades being more pink than I originally thought. The blend of both mattes & metallics is up to ColourPop’s usual standard, which is great!

There is quite a bit of fallout from the metallic shades. Some of them didn’t grip to my brush very well like Fishnet, and Infatuation, and those created a bit of a mess under my eyes. They can be helped by using a wet brush or applying with your fingers. I love the finish I get when I apply Fishnet with my fingers and a spritz of setting spray at the same time. Gorgeous!

ColourPop All That Palette Swatches

ColourPop All That Palette Swatches

I hope you don’t mind ultra cute swatches! Since the ColourPop All That Palette came out just in time for Valentine’s Day I thought it would be a great time to use my LOVE stencils from Polished Vino. For those of you who don’t know, 90% of the beautiful swatch art you see on instagram is created with stencils. I made that statistic up (#fakenews) but my point is that a lot of it isn’t freehand. And anyways, it’s so satisfying to see the stencils peeled off!

All That Palette Makeup Looks

Look #1

I felt very cute in this look. I created this soft pink matte halo eye for when I was running errands. I’ve felt weird about being super glam out in the real world since everything is going absolutely crazy right now, so this was a nice compromise. I got to feel slightly done up but I think the soft pinks aren’t as shocking as a dark smokey eye.

This also doubled as an Easter Look for me. I took my first swing at creating something a little more “artistry” based, and this is the result. I do not claim to be an amazing artist! This was just me having some fun with makeup, you can tell the Covid 19 blues was leaving me a little stir crazy.

ColourPop All That Palette Looks

Look #2

Fishnet is my favourite shade in the All That Palette. It looks absolutely stunning when applied wet, the foiled finish is unreal. The camera doesn’t quite do it justice. For this look I used Cha Cha and Come Through in the crease, and then I dipped into my ColourPop Going Coconuts Palette for some brown & tan shades for my outer corner.

I really wanted some neutral browns in the All That Palette so I’ve been dipping into Going Coconuts a lot when I wear it. Lastly I placed Fishnets all over the lid and Uncuffed in the inner corners. I really wish the shimmers picked up better on camera!

Look #3

I was going to do a full blown smokey eye for this last look but my Dad was coming over to see how much work staining my deck was going to be this summer (and the answer was, a lot). I would have felt weird in glam makeup when my Dad & his painter friend were over. So I toned it down a bit and used Cha Cha and Uncuffed on the lid, with the black shade as my eyeliner.

On the left the first edition of the look, and once my Dad had left I decided to try out some of the glitter shade all over my eyelids (the right image). I didn’t hate it actually, and pressing it on my eyes after my look was done helped prevent a lot of fallout. The glitter stayed on my eyes most of the day, surprisingly. I still don’t love it —Tati’s Glitters are much better but this one isn’t terrible.

ColourPop All That Palette Flatlay

Did you pick up the ColourPop All That Palette?

So overall I think this is a really great palette. I was starting to feel like the quality was suffering with some of the recent 9 pan palettes that came out, but the All that Palette proved to me that ColourPop is still making great quality eyeshadows. Thank goodness!

This isn’t going to be something that I reach for every single day, I need to be in a certain mood for pink shades. But when I am I will absolutely be using her!

Thanks for reading lovelies, stay safe out there x






  1. May 20, 2020 / 10:22 am

    omg i just missed it then!!!!!!!! LOLOLOL I literally bought some stuff the week before you posted this and I checked CP’s site too hoping they were ready and taking orders but nope. XD ugh i will have to check again, thanks for letting us know! i’m so behind on reading, currently trying to catch up 🙂

    such a shame they’re lowering quality and increasing price 😐 not cool!

    this palette is so pretty though and you are right, the red packaging gives the impression of darker tones but looking at it up close, i totally see the pink undertones and they look much more wearable than i initially thought lol

    honestly this palette sounds like it’s amazing quality, i have sweet talk and didnt like how those glitters didnt adhere on their own properly, so to hear this is improved sounds a lot better. i hope* they are improving all of them and not just some LOL

    loving all the looks you created, especially the first pink one! so lovely and soft!

    • May 27, 2020 / 1:44 am

      They restocked a bunch of stuff this weekend too! Not everything, but it’s a start! I’m still waiting on the Mulan & Fluttery By palettes.

      It sucks, but I guess I haven’t hit pan on any of my CP palettes yet, so if there’s a little less Product I probably won’t notice 😂

      I’m reaching for the light pinks in here a lot more than I thought I would! I thought it would be more of a date night palette but it’s more wearable than I thought too.

      I hope the glitters get better too! They could still be less chunky, but at least they’re sticking a little better lol

      Thanks for reading Rossy!

  2. May 8, 2020 / 10:47 am

    I remember when I read that ColourPop had stopped shipping all their products, and I thought, wow this is going to make a lot of people really sad! 😄😉 I really like the colors in this one, but they pull more pink than red I’d probably pass since I have so many pink shadows already.

    • May 11, 2020 / 9:53 pm

      I’m really surprised that they haven’t announced a new launch since resuming shipping! I don’t really mind the slower pace for releases these days though, so I shouldn’t complain.
      If you have tons of pink you probably don’t need this one, the quality is great though!

      • May 12, 2020 / 9:17 am

        Don’t hold your breath, I’m sure something is coming right around the corner for them! 😄

    • May 11, 2020 / 9:51 pm

      Thank you! I’m desperately waiting for a restock on some of their other palettes, the quality can’t be beat! x

  3. May 6, 2020 / 12:02 am

    This palette is very pretty but one I probably wouldn’t pick up 😛 Good to hear the quality of this one is up there though!

    I love the 2nd look you created 🙂

    • May 11, 2020 / 9:51 pm

      I hear you! It’s not the most “everyday” of palettes, you have to really love pink to get a lot of use from it haha.

      Thanks Chanelle, I hope life is treating you well! x

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