ColourPop Double Entendre Palette | Review + 3 Looks

I feel like I dreamed about owning the ColourPop Double Entendre Palette forever! As soon as I saw the shades I became obsessed with the idea of owning a neutral palette. My current neutral palette is the Too Faced Natural Love Palette but the ratio of mattes to shimmer shades is low and the looks I create with it tend to be more glam than natural. Double Entendre appealed to me because it contains mostly warm neutral shades and comes in a size that doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Now that it’s here and I’ve had some time to experiment with it I would love to share my thoughts on it. Is it worth it? Keep reading to find out what I thought! You can also check out my other ColourPop palette reviews here.

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ColourPop Double Entendre Palette Review Swatches + 3 Looks

ColourPop Double Entendre Palette Review

Double Entendre is the perfect palette for everyone! Your new go-to, your ride or die, your partner in crime – this palette holds the ultimate everyday, nude neutrals. With 12 shades, ranging from cool to warm, matte to metallic, you and this palette will be inseparable. You can never have too many nudes…

The ColourPop Double Entendre Palette is a ColourPop original (meaning it wasn’t part of a collab). It contains 12 x 0.85g eyeshadow pans in a range of warm neutral shades. The shades range from cool to warm nude shades in matte & metallic finishes. Many bloggers & YouTubers have noted that it’s a dupe for the Tartelette Toasted Palette.

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Double Entendre Palette Review


The first thing that comes to mind about the packaging is that the Double Entendre Palette doesn’t have an original design. The cardboard box packaging says “Double Entendre” on it, but the palette design inside is the exact same as the I Think I Love You Palette which came out first. I don’t have the ITILY so it’s not an issue for me, but I imagine it would get annoying trying to grab one palette and grabbing the wrong one.

ColourPop Double Entendre Palette

Shade Selection

Some of the shade names are kind of.. raunchy? Is that the word I’m looking for? Not quite. I was originally planning on ordering my CP order to my in-laws house in AZ but because my mother in law opens my packages to make them easier to pack in her suitcase so I didn’t want to feel embarrassed about the shade names xD

You’ve got Hot BodNip SlipNekkid… it goes on. It isn’t terrible, but when you’ve got conservative parents I’d rather just order it here and pay the customs fee. Luckily I wasn’t charged extra fees on my last ColourPop haul! Update: If you’re reading this in 2019 ColourPop no longer has customs charges for Canadians.

This palette contains beautiful neutral browns and gold shades. There are also few oranges. I don’t know if it’s just my skin tone but the Double Entendre Palette pulls warm instead of cool against my skin, even though CP says there’s a mix of both cool and warm tones. All the browns have an orangey undertone against my skin!

Double Entendre Eyeshadow Palette from ColourPop

Pigmentation, Fallout & Blend

In terms of pigment the Double Entendre Palette is on par with other ColourPop Palettes. The mattes are pigmented and buildable and the Metallics are on point. The only shade that I believe could be improved upon is Flasher, and that’s because ColourPop’s satin formula doesn’t apply well for me regardless of what palette it’s in.

The mattes blend like a dream and the metallics are incredibly easy to work with. If I’m using metallics I make sure to do my eye makeup first because they leave a lot of fallout under my eyes.

ColourPop Double Entendre Palette Swatches: Top Row

ColourPop Double Entendre Palette

Top Row

Locked & Loaded: Locked & Loaded is a yellowy beige matte shade. I use it to set my eye primer but because of it has a yellow undertone I can also use it as a lid shade. I used it in all three looks I created for this review.

Uninhibited: This beautiful metallic bronze shade applies wonderfully dry or wet. ColourPop has one of the best metallic formulas I’ve ever tried, I’m completely obsessed with it!

Hot Bod: This shade is a matte brown base with gold glitter flecks. The gold glitter disappears for me when I blend.

Flasher: This ivory satin is my least favourite shade in the Double Entendre Palette. It doesn’t pick up well on a brush or with my finger.

ColourPop Double Entendre Palette Swatches: Middle Row

Middle Row

Nekkid: Nekkid is a pale orange matte. I use it most as a transition shade.

Extra Curricular: I don’t know why but I seemed to have so much trouble saying this shade when I filmed my 3 looks video. This is a deeper more burnt orange than Nekkid.

Hard: Hard is a matte terracotta red. I use it mostly in the outer corners of my eyes.

Draft: CP describes this shade as a “metallic rich rose gold”. I agree with the metallic part but not the rose gold. It’s more of an orangey bronze shade, just a bit deeper than Uninhibited.

ColourPop Double Entendre Palette Swatches: Bottom Row

Bottom Row

Keep It PG: This shade is so so beautiful. It’s the perfect metallic shade for the centre of a halo eye (I used it in my second look) and it applies just as beautifully as the rest of CP’s metallics. It does have a fair amount of kick up in the pan so watch out for that.

Nip Slip: Nip Slip makes a great transition shade when you don’t want a look quite as warm as if you were using Nekkid & Extra Curricular. It’s described as a “warm saddle brown”. It has a slight warm orange undertone.

Send Noodles: This shade surprised me because while it looks like a very light tan shade it still pulls warm on me. Just about all of these shades pull warm on my skintone even though there’s supposed to be cool tones as well. I use Send Noodles as a transition shade or to set my eye primer.

Teddy Bare: Oh ColourPop and their puns. This is a matte chocolatey brown with a warm undertone.

ColourPop Double Entendre Swatches

Double Entendre Palette
Makeup Looks

As usual I created three looks using the palette to showcase its capabilities. These looks you’re seeing now are new, updated as of June 5th 2019. I have three different makeup looks from when I originally got this palette up on my YouTube Channel as well. Keep in mind they’re a little rough because they were from two years ago!

Look 1: Sheer Glow

This is a super wearable, gorgeous eye look that I think anyone can do. This look took me about 5 minutes, all you need is a fluffy blending brush, tapered blending brush and a flat shadow brush. Easy peasy!

My transition shades are Nekkid and Nip Slip, followed by the lid shades Draft and Flasher. There’s also a little bit of Hot Bod in the outer V.

Look 2: Chocolate Halo

This look is a recreation of my original Chocolate Halo look that I did for this review. I still really love the original look that I did but this one is more… fancy? The Esqido PB&J Unisyn False Lashes really Jazzed things up. On my lips is the Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum Mini Melted Lipstick.

In this chocolatey eyeshadow look I used Extra Curricular and Hard in the crease, followed by Teddy Bare and Hard in the inner & outer corners of my eyes. The centre of the Halo is brightened up by the shade Keep It PG.

Look 3: Beach Bronze

I LOVE how this half cut crease came out! Cut creases are tricky sometimes and even though they look soo easy they’re harder than they look. This Beach Bronze Eyeshadow Look took me about 10 minutes per eye to get the blending right, so it’s not a simple everyday look. Remember, practice and patience make perfect!

My transition shades are Nip Slip, Send Noodles and Hard followed by Hot Bod in the Outer V. My Lid shades are all three metallic shades in the palette: Keep it PG, Uninhibited and Draft.

Which Double Entendre Palette look is your favourite?

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  1. April 15, 2018 / 7:48 pm

    This palette is so gorgeous and you created some beautiful looks with it! It always reminds me of the tarte cosmetics tartelette toasted palette which is why I skipped this one.

    • AlwaysCleia
      April 15, 2018 / 9:24 pm

      Thank you!
      I’ve seen some comparisons and they are both pretty similar to each other. I don’t have the toasted palette so I was okay with the double entendre! πŸ™‚

  2. Makeup by Erin
    April 11, 2018 / 7:57 pm

    Your looks are stunning! This palette is sooo pretty! I own so many similar palettes, but I can’t help but be drawn to it! πŸ˜‚

  3. lifeofangela
    April 11, 2018 / 1:59 pm

    I really love this palette! Like you said, all the colours are so warm and perfect for everyday! I love all three looks, but I really like gold and bronze πŸ˜„

    • AlwaysCleia
      April 11, 2018 / 2:41 pm

      The formula is so good! I normally do love my pops of colour but it’s nice to have a neutral palette too. Glad you love it as well!
      Thanks Angela! xx

  4. Rebecca Allatt
    April 11, 2018 / 12:06 pm

    This is stunning for a natural palette, the colours swatch beautifully and I love your looks! x

    • AlwaysCleia
      April 11, 2018 / 2:39 pm

      Thank you Rebecca! πŸ™‚
      They did a good job of it, I’ve been wearing it lots!

  5. April 11, 2018 / 10:04 am

    I love this palette, it is a beautiful neutral palette! I actually like the names of the shades, lmfaoo! I was so happy the other day, because i found out the Ulta is now selling Colorpop in the stores, so anything I need/want I can get without ordering online now πŸ™‚ xxx

    Melina |

    • AlwaysCleia
      April 11, 2018 / 2:39 pm

      I don’t mind the names either, I would just feel awkward if my family went and read them xD
      YES that’s so exciting! Ulta got such a good selection of ColourPop products, I’m so jealous! Sephora hyped up the fact that they were getting colourpop last year but then it turned out to be a seasonal colletion and the brand isn’t listed on the Canadian website anymore…
      The next time I visit the US I am going to go on a HUGE Ulta shopping spree =D

      • April 11, 2018 / 8:01 pm

        They don’t have it in my Sephora either! But Ulta is definitely upping their makeup game, they also added storybook cosmetics, which I love their products! They eyeshadows are so greatt!

  6. It Girl
    April 11, 2018 / 9:21 am

    They are gorgeous colours, although I think they are a little too similar to each other

    • AlwaysCleia
      April 11, 2018 / 2:36 pm

      I feel like it’s hard to have a neutral palette without having similar colours, I wish the two dark browns weren’t so similar! Even if one has glitter flecks the matte base is almost the same. Thanks for reading! xx

  7. April 11, 2018 / 8:51 am

    Amazing Review!! I love Colourpop’s eyeshadow palettes, not the best packaging but for the price, they are amazing!

    • AlwaysCleia
      April 11, 2018 / 2:35 pm

      Thank you Joy!
      I wish they included a mirror with each palette but I love the formula xx

  8. April 11, 2018 / 8:29 am

    LOL your story about being embarrassed to send this palette to your in-laws’ place because of the shade names – I guess they called it the Double Entendre palette for a reason!

    I love all of the looks you did with this palette, but I think my favourite is Chocolate Halo!

    • AlwaysCleia
      April 11, 2018 / 2:34 pm

      haha it’s true! I just cringe thinking about them opening it and reading the back xD

      That one was my favourite too! I feel like the looks that start really messy and disaster-like for me turn out the best, I don’t know why lol!

  9. April 11, 2018 / 7:57 am

    I LOVE the looks you created with this! They are stunning! It reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay Naked palette (which I adore!) <3

    • AlwaysCleia
      April 11, 2018 / 2:30 pm

      Thank you! πŸ™‚
      I still don’t have any of the Naked palettes, I need to change that! I especially want to pick up the original.

      • April 15, 2018 / 3:52 pm

        You re most welcome sweets! And yes! They are the best! <3

  10. April 11, 2018 / 7:53 am

    these neutrals are right up my alley, they’re so beautiful!! blendable mattes & metallics that are easy to work with sound perfect. loveeeee that you included 3 different looks! πŸ™‚

    • AlwaysCleia
      April 11, 2018 / 2:27 pm

      I wasn’t sure about this palette when I first got it but it’s growing on me! I wish some of the shades didn’t pull as warm on me but I think that’s just my skin tone lol.
      Thanks so much for reading! xx

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