ColourPop Set In Stone Palette Review + Swatches + Looks

What is this, a ColourPop review!? It’s been a long time since I bought new makeup but when I saw the new Set In Stone Palette from ColourPop I knew I had to have it. I know neutral palettes are boring for a lot of people but now that I have regular early mornings I wear a LOT of neutral eyeshadow. I’m not trying new makeup on a regular basis so it’s a rare treat indeed when I get to play with new products!

The ColourPop Set In Stone Palette is absolutely perfect for my work week, and same goes for its cool toned sister Twist of Slate. Together they are a neutral eyeshadow lover’s dream! I’ll have my Twist of Slate palette review up soon, but today we’re talking about the Set in Stone eyeshadow palette!

If you want to see everything else I picked up from the brand check out my ColourPop Haul!

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ColourPop Set In Stone Palette Review

ColourPop Set In Stone Palette Review

The ColourPop Set In Stone Palette retails for $16USD and contains 10 eyeshadows. The Heart of Stone palettes (Set in Stone and Twist of Slate) are the first from ColourPop to feature their new creme formula shadow. Each palette contains one creme shadow, five mattes and four metallic shadows.


The Set In Stone palette features cardboard packaging and a small rectangular shape. The palette does not contain a mirror which I am more than ok with. Mirrors typically raise the cost of the product and are quite wasteful if you buy a lot of makeup since the glass used in a mirror is not actually recyclable.

The design of the Set in Stone Palette is a minimal brown marbled stone design to show that this is the warm toned palette in the collection. I think it looks very sleek!

The one negative that I have with the packaging is that there isn’t really a way to keep the creme shadow from getting other eyeshadow powders in it. At least it was placed in a corner but I’ve already had to wipe away metallic eyeshadow bits from the creme shade and it’s only going to get worse the more I use the shadows.

ColourPop Twist of Slate Palette ColourPop Set in Stone Palette Review

Colour Story

As we have already established, the shades in the ColourPop Set In Stone Palette are warm toned neutrals. The creme formula shadow is a medium tan shade and actually looks quite natural on the lid, even against my paler skin tone. It’s a beautiful shade to wear all over the lid or as a primer for your other shadows.

The Set in Stone eyeshadow palette includes a beige matte eyeshadow which can be used as a cut crease shade or to set your eye primer. It’s also nice to have for blending out darker shadows and softening edges. The deep brown shade helps to add depth to any look, and also makes a beautiful soft wing!

The metallic shades in the Set in Stone Palette are absolutely incredible! The shades range from Champagne & Copper to Bronze. They really remind me of the Double Entendre Palette, which is quite a few years old and no longer available at ColourPop.

One thing that I really like about the shades in this palette is that they lean more tan and orange than pink. I have a ton of neutral palettes that have pinky brown shades and I really do prefer having neutrals without any pink. I recently decluttered some of my older ColourPop palettes like the All That and Sweet Talk palettes because they so much pink in them and didn’t really suit my complexion.

ColourPop Set In Stone Palette Review


I used to title this heading “Pigmentation, Fallout & Blend”. I will address each of those but I think “Formula” encompasses everything. We’re simplifying over here!

The pigmentation of all of the shadows in the ColourPop Set In Stone Palette is very, very good. The mattes are soft, bendable and creamy without being too loose or tightly packed in the pan. When I dip my brush into the pans I don’t get a ton of kick up, nor do I get an excessive amount of fallout under my eyes. I minimize any fallout by lightly tapping off my brush after dipping into the eyeshadow so I’m not over applying the shadow to my eyelids.

The metallic shadows are smooth, creamy and apply beautifully to the eyes. I usually apply the shadows dry to my eyelids. I don’t know if I’m experiencing signs of aging or if my skin is just really, really dry from the winter, but I find applying shimmers with a wet brush to my eyelids seems to highlight texture on my eyelids. The application is smoother when I apply my metallic shadows dry!

All four metallic shades apply smoothly without any chunkiness and they blend together really well. The Set in Stone Palette is up to ColourPop’s usual amazing standards at a low price. The formula honestly can’t be beat, in my opinion ColourPop eyeshadows perform even better than most of my higher end eyeshadows.

ColourPop Set In Stone Eyeshadow Palette Swatches

ColourPop Set In Stone Palette Swatches

As you can see from the swatches above you really do have everything in this palette for a complete warm toned neutral eyeshadow look. These shades are perfect for a natural or full glam makeup look! You can see that the creme shade Rock Solid (first shadow from the top) has a decent amount of pigment and a slight sheen to it when applied on it’s own. The shimmers are reflective, especially that champagne shade Stone Werk!

ColourPop Set In Stone Palette
Makeup Looks

It’s been a looong time since I shared makeup looks on my blog! I had to remember how to pose and apply eyelashes all over again. I rarely apply eyelashes, so it felt weird wearing them again for this review!

ColourPop Set In Stone Palette makeup Look

Look #1

This is a very simple eye look. I used the creme shadow Rock Solid all over the lid and brightened the inner corners of my eyes with the matte beige shade, Lookin’ Sharp. In the crease and outer corners I used the lighter matte shades Gravel and So Chiselled. Add some lashes and brow gel and we are done! This is an easy every day look and something I’ve been wearing a lot lately.

I’m also wearing the Hyaluronic Concealer and Serum Blush from my recent ColourPop Haul as well as the new Creme Lip formula in the shade Cornerstone, which also came out at the same time as the Set in Stone Palette.

Look #2

It’s been a LONG time since I did my makeup like this, so bear with me while I remember how to blend everything all over again and apply lashes. This look uses the same transition shades as the previous look but I popped on some shimmer all over the lid to make it more glam! I had a zoom call with this makeup and I felt a liiiitle crazy but it’s all good. Also my earring was twisted all day and I didn’t notice until I reviewed all the photos I took.

Look #3:

Who even am I, I haven’t done a cut crease for the blog in ages. Really I just wanted to see if the creme formula in the palette would make a good base and it turns out that it does! The neutral shades in the ColourPop Set in Stone Palette makes this cut crease wearable, but it’s a couple steps up from my normal everyday kind of look. And the lashes look so pretty in photos but let’s be real, I don’t wear lashes IRL. They’d bat against my glasses and would generally drive me crazy!

If you want to know what lash style this they are from Lithe Lashes and I wrote a whole review of them! They are cruelty free and vegan.

ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes, Glowing Lip, Lip Tint, Lip Creme, Hyaluronic Concealer

Did you pick up either of the new ColourPop Eyeshadow Palettes?

I’m really enjoying both the Set In Stone and the Twist of Slate palettes. They’re perfect to use during my work week, as I’m always short on time during the week. On the weekends I have more time to sit and come up with fun eyeshadow looks but on a Monday I have to put something together quick! It’s nice to have some travel friendly neutral palettes as well, I’m going to take the Set In Stone palette with me on Holiday next month!

Let me know what you think of the palettes, thanks for reading! x


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