ColourPop Twist of Slate Palette Review + Swatches + Looks

I don’t know about you but I am very excited about the cool tones in the new Twist of Slate Palette from ColourPop. I picked up both palettes in the Heart of Stone collection when it released. Both eyeshadow palettes dropped at the same time, Set in Stone a warm toned palette and Twist of Slate the cooler toned sister! I’m really loving both palettes as you’ll know from my Set In Stone Palette Review.

Today we are talking all about the ColourPop Twist of Slate palette! I’m all about these cool tones and I cannot stop reaching for these eyeshadows every day. Warm tones are great but there’s something grungy and edgy about cool toned shadows that I love. We got a small taste of those grungy cool tones in the Brown Sugar palette from Colourpop which is sadly no longer available, but they’re making a comeback in Twist of Slate.

Keep reading for all the details!

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COLOURPOP TWIST OF SLATE PALETTE Cool Toned Eyeshadow with grey and taupe shades

ColourPop Twist of Slate Palette Review

The ColourPop Twist of Slate Palette retails for $16 USD and contains 10 cool toned eyeshadows in a mix of matte & metallic finishes, PLUS a brand new creme formula that ColourPop included for the first time in these palettes. This is a cool toned eyeshadow palette, so if you prefer warmer tones make sure to check out the Set In Stone palette!


The eyeshadows are housed in a small rectangular cardboard palette. As I’ve said in previous reviews, I prefer cardboard packaging for environmental as well as practical reasons. Cardboard palettes are free of plastic which is a win, and they generally cushion the eyeshadows better. I’ve had quite a few plastic palettes break after being dropped, but I’ve rarely had eyeshadows break in a cardboard palette.

The ColourPop Twist of Slate Palette doesn’t contain a mirror which lowers the cost of the product and is again, more environmentally friendly. The palette itself has a grey and white marbled design. I love the the sleek and minimal design!

ColourPop Twist of Slate Cool Toned Eyeshadow Palette

Colour Story

Twist of Slate is a cool toned eyeshadow palette, but there are also a few surprisingly warm shades included. In a way this palette reminds me of the Pretty Vulgar Nightingale palette, which is one that I always wanted but never actually had a chance to try.

You can create a lot of different looks with these shades, from the pink creme shade that is good for covering up any veins on the eyelids or even correcting under eye circles for paler skin tones, to the cool toned tan and taupe matte shades that go deep into the navy and grey spectrum.

I especially love the slate grey shade Night Vision, it’s beautiful and doesn’t scare me away like a full on black eyeshadow does.

The metallics are glamorous and accent the matte shades in the palette, though I will admit that the bronze shade To The Quarry really isn’t cool toned so it feels a little out of place.

Twist of Slate Eyeshadow Palette Cool Tones with blue grey and taupe


The pigmentation of the eyeshadows in the Twist of Slate Palette varies. The mattes are beautiful and rich, but some of the metallics are deceptively thin. While all of the shades are beautiful Carbon is especially thin. It looks like a stunning taupe/silver in the pan but it doesn’t have a lot of substance on the eyes. I’ve been using it as an eyeshadow topper over a darker matte shade to help the shadow pop, you can see it in action later in the Makeup Looks section of this review.

Fortunate One is also more shimmer than the metallic I’ve come to expect from ColourPop’s formula but it’s still a beautiful shade!

There aren’t any shades that give me an excessive amount of fallout, but I always recommend doing your eye makeup first.

These eyeshadows blend seamlessly. It’s easy to get a gradient from the darkest to lightest matte shades, and the metallics are easy to work with as well. They apply nicely dry, and for full impact you can apply them wet. Of course nothing blends like my Tati Textured Neutrals palette (I shouldn’t even mention it now that the brand is closed, but that palette really IS the gold standard for how eyeshadows should blend) but I rarely have any problems working with ColourPop’s eyeshadow formula.

ColourPop Twist of Slate Eyeshadow Swatches

ColourPop Twist of Slate Palette Swatches

I tried to do some fun swatches with heart stencils but I had to split some of the pans in half to make everything fit!

mica: metallic icy champagne

fortunate one: metallic silvery taupe

carbon: metallic gunmetal silver 

sleek over: matte deep cool-toned brown

to the quarry: metallic cool-toned bronze

cool down: matte pewter grey

night vision: matte charcoal

so fated: matte soft cool-toned taupe 

in the stars: cool-toned taupe pink

take a chance: matte taupe grey

ColourPop Twist of Slate Palette Looks

Briefly I must mention that I’m having some issues with my DSLR. I’m having problems with the quality when I transfer to my phone for editing, so I apologize that the focus is soft. I am working on it, I promise!

Cool Toned Eyeshadow Look

Look #1

This is a simple matte look that I’ve been wearing to work a lot lately. I love the simplicity of a couple matte shades buffed out across the crease, it’s super easy to do on busy mornings. I also used the creme shade In the Stars as a base.

Cool Toned Eyeshadow Look using Colourpop Twist of Slate Palette

Look #2

For this look I did a cut crease using mattes and the creme shadow all over the inner portion of my eyelids. Ok so it doesn’t really look like a cut crease, but the principals are the same. I used the creme shadow on the inner portion of my lid after buffing out the crease shades, but I didn’t try to create a defined line. I must say that it’s really convenient having a ready to use creme shadow in the palette for cleaning up edges, cutting creases, etc. The formula is much easier to use on the eyes than a liquid concealer!

For this look I also wanted to use the navy grey matte shade Cool Down. I used it to create some depth in the outer corners of my eyes.

Gumental Halo Eyeshadow Look using shades from the ColourPop Twist of Slate Palette

Look #3

Ok, this is what I was talking about earlier in the review where I mentioned that Carbon is a little thin but still makes a good eyeshadow topper. I remember doing a similar look with the brown sugar palette a few years ago, I love placing taupe shimmers over top of a slate grey matte to transform the shadow into a gunmetal. For this halo eye I chose Night Vision for the inner and outer portions of the eyelid, and then topped it with Carbon. I also applied Mica to brighten the centre of my eyelids. I really like this look!

For the rest of my makeup I’m wearing the Milk Makeup Cream Blush in Werk and an elf cosmetics lipstick (a freebie from this haul).

Twist of Slate Palette Review

Did you pick up the ColourPop Twist of Slate Palette?

Thank you for for reading! I hope you found this review, the swatches and the makeup looks helpful if you are thinking about picking up Twist of Slate! I think the formula in the Set in stone palette is ever so slightly better, but they’re both great palettes and I recommend them both.



  1. June 2, 2022 / 5:00 pm

    also, I don’t know why but my comments aren’t going through on the warm toned palette, but I copied my comment: “You know I haven’t bought makeup in a long time, but it was super fun to read about this palette. I actually hit pan on my latte palette recently, which made me so sad since it’s discontinued! Maybe if I hit pan on enough shades I’ll end up with this one, since warm neutrals tend to look better on my skin tone. Great review xx”

    Melina |

    • June 30, 2022 / 8:52 pm

      Oh weird!! I’ll check my post settings and see if something strange is happening with that blog post :S Thanks for letting me know.
      Oh no that’s devastating to hit pan on the latte palette, I wish they hadn’t stopped making it. It was so good!

  2. June 2, 2022 / 4:58 pm

    i love the idea of having a cream in the palette! so cute. While this is not my cup of tea, this looks great on you. great post 🙂

    • June 30, 2022 / 8:51 pm

      Thank you! I really like this one but I was reaching for the warm toned palette a lot more until I accidentally left it in Mexico haha

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