How To Become An Elle Canada Grand Prix Juror!

Elle Canada Grand Prix

Hey everyone! If you are one of those people who never seems to win or get chosen for anything I’ve been there. As a kid I never got chosen for things let along winning anything. When I was flipping through my November issue of Elle Canada I saw a page advertising for jurors for the Elle Canada 2017 Grand Prix product round up. I thought, Oh what the heck, it can’t hurt and I won’t be chosen anyways. When I submitted a profile I never really expected to get an email back, but a few months I found out that I was chosen to be a tester. I had forgotten about the whole thing by that point!


If you aren’t familiar with Elle Grand Prix, it’s a yearly magazine feature that rounds up the best products in multiple different categories from moisturizers to night creams to SPF to lipstick to bronzer. Name anything in your beauty routine and it’s there. They even have male jurors to evaluate mens grooming products.

Juror Process

If you’ve ever wondered how magazines test their products I can tell you now! Jurors are assigned to specific categories based on their profile submissions. I was chosen to test several brands of Moisturizer, Haircare and Eyeliner. Each category has it’s own rules for how & how long you use the product for before reviewing, but each product I’m testing will be used for a minimum of seven days before submitting my blind review to Elle.

Elle Canada Grand Prix - Blind Testing

Blind Testing

Every Juror receives their respective products in the original packaging with the labels completely taped over. Each product will have a product number taped to it. I love this idea because it helps to eliminate brand bias. You know when people are like “I’m using (insert brand here) and it’s an awesome product because I just love (insert brand here)“. That’s bias! Knowing what brand you are using can alter expectations of a product and change your review regardless of how honest you try to be. Because the products are still in their original packaging some of them are obviously certain brands, like OGX and Nexxus, but if you are a good juror you won’t look under the labels. At the end of the testing period I’ll find out what everything is.

Sample Sizes

Jurors only need to use each product for a week so I expected travel sizes of each product. When I went to pick up my delivery from the post office the box was so heavy! I was shocked that everything was full sized.  The benefit of being a juror is that you get to try new products and keep the full sizes at the end of the testing period. I told my Mom she could raid my shampoo cupboard when this was done!

How To Sign Up

Unfortunately all the spots for 2017 are taken, but you can check out the 2018 Elle Canada Grand Prix this November and submit a profile online. You never know what could happen! Be honest with your profile so you aren’t chosen to review something you don’t actually use. It reflects better on you if you are honest about what your daily beauty routine is instead of checking off every single product box! Good luck!

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    • March 26, 2017 / 1:09 am

      I was so surprised they chose me! I really like not knowing the brand at first, it makes it easier to be critical of the product and I don’t second guess myself based on other reviews.
      Wow, thank you so much!! I’ll definitely check out that post! I’ll be honest it always takes me a week or two to get to award posts, but I’ll try to make it happen sooner than later 😄

  1. March 24, 2017 / 2:04 am

    I’m so happy you were chosen! It’s so fun reviewing products! Who doesn’t want to get all this stuff for free?!

    • March 24, 2017 / 4:57 pm

      I was so surprised they picked me and that everything is full sized, I won’t need to buy shampoo or moisturizer for a year! I like that they’ve taped over the labels though, then people aren’t afraid to say what they really think of the product because of what brand it is!

      • March 24, 2017 / 10:57 pm

        That’s so awesome!!

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