Ipsy 2016 January Glam Bag Review

Ipsy 2016 January Glam Bag

I spent hours and hours pouring over subscription boxes before finally deciding on one. While it isn’t exactly a “box”, Ipsy came across as one of the more consistent bags you can subscribe to. It’s $10 a month, plus $4.95 shipping if you live outside of the states (I think it worked out to about $21 after the exchange rate). The sign up process irked me a little, they claim to have a waitlist because they have oh so many subscribers, but after you put in all of your info they have a disclaimer saying you can “skip” the waitlist by liking them on social media and basically spamming your friends list with invites.
I was impatient, so I used an old facebook account I haven’t used since I was 14. I had no friends on the list so voila! Waitlist skipped with no annoyance to my friends.

When you subscribe you fill out a profile which helps their customers pick products for you based on your skin tone, hair, eyecolor, preferences, etc. I’m not sure how well it works, but the products I got I was fairly happy with.

I was trying to take pictures and Ion wanted to be in all of them. The lovable pest.

Ipsy 2016 January Glam Bag - CatsIpsy 2016 January Glam Bag - IonIpsy 2016 January Glam Bag Review

Anyways, Each Ipsy bag comes with a theme card as well as a makeup bag containing the products for the month. Normally you get a mix 4-5 of sample sized and full sized products in the bag. I got 2 full sizes this month.

The first thing I pulled out of the bag was the Promise Organic Ultra Moisturizing Argan Creme Facial Lotion. From the picture on Ipsy’s website I thought it would be bigger than this tiny little tube of moisturizer. I tried it out and my face didn’t immediately break out which was a good sign. Apparently this stuff is made for normal to dry skin which will be good for the winter. I did notice a weird lemony smell to this which followed me around for about half an hour.

Ipsy 2016 January Glam Bag

Next in the Bag was the Tucker Ashley Advanced Peptide Eye complex. I don’t really use eye cream, but I will try it out. Supposedly it helps eliminate puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, which is good because I work very odd inconsistent hours at my job. This product is half sized, with the full size retailing for $29.95 on the Tucker Ashley website.

Ipsy 2016 January Glam Bag - Tucker Ashley

Every Ipsy Subscriber got a full sized The Balm Mr. Write (NOW) eyeliner in their bag. The colors offered this time were bronze, or an odd purple shade. Lots of subscribers were saying that they weren’t too thrilled with the colors. I actually liked this one quite a bit though, even if it’s application wasn’t very smooth. The eyeliner is actually closer to brown than gold which suited me just fine.

Ipsy 2016 January Glam Bag - The Balm Mr Write

This Marsk mineral eyeshadow was a product I wasn’t really excited to get in my bag. HOWEVER, this mineral eye shadow was actually a lot nicer in person than on the website. The color is You’re Toast. As soon as I put some on my makeup brush I knew I loved this. It goes great with the eyeliner in this months bag, and is also a more bronzy shade than the picture would have you believe. This is sample sized, the full size retails for $22.50

Ipsy 2016 January Glam Bag - Marsk

Ipsy 2016 January Glam Bag - Marsk Eyeshadow

Yes, It kind of got all over my eyelashes, but the color is amazing!

Lastly, I got this full sized Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Lipstick. I’m not going to lie, I’m not to thrilled with this one. It retails for $10 and you can definitely tell. The colour is just not for me. This shade is very pink, and not in a good way.
Update Edit: I actually like this now. I’m iffy on the colour, but the formula itself lasts longer than any other lipstick I own. Sometimes a product can grow on you!

Ipsy 2016 January Glam Bag - Dirty Little Secret Lipstick

All in all I’m happy and looking forward to the February bag. It’s like Christmas in the mailbox,
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