Julep Maven April 2016

Julep Maven April 2016 Nail Polish Subscription

I finally took the plunge and signed up for Julep Maven, a 5 free nail polish & beauty subscription. I’ve been wanting to sign up for a while but I haven’t been a fan of any of the recent welcome boxes. Finally, there was a deal to get my first box as part of the regular April selections. For new subscribers your first box is free with a 3 month membership, or 50% off for a month to month membership!

About Julep

$19.99USD per month with a prepaid 3 month subscription, or $25USD month to month.
Shipping: Free
Skipable: Yes
Customize: Subscribers have full control of which selections they get. Swap an item, polish colour, etc. If you don’t like polish Julep creates Makeup Products as well
Points: Earn points for signing up, receiving boxes and through referrals. Points can go towards a free box or extra items in your box.
Cancel: Through Email or Phone

*Note: This post contains referral links.

Julep Maven April 2016 Nail Polish Subscription

The April collection theme is Brights + White. The polishes released this month have a vivid sheer finish, which means they aren’t opaque and paired with a white base underneath the colour will pop. For Mavens Julep included a free white polish in every box that chose a vivid sheer. Also included was a coupon for the online shop! Use Code APR15 for $15 off $30.

Julep Maven April 2016 Nail Polish Subscription - Vivid Sheer

Briggite White Crème $14
This was the free polish Julep included in this month’s box. I’ve been meaning to pick up a white polish so I can make storm trooper nail art (I love Star Wars sorry not sorry) so I was happy that this was included as a freebie.

Julep Maven April 2016 Nail Polish Subscription - Vivid Sheer

Delaney Vivid Sheer $14
My polish of choice was this this lovely blue. My collection is full of reds, yellows, pinks and purples, but I was really noticing an absence of blue so I’m content with this polish. It streaked a little, but a few coats took care of that. Over top of the white it really is a vivid blue, and it almost matches my laptop keyboard!

Julep Maven April 2016 - Love Your Bare Face

Love Your Bare Face Cleansing Balm $28
This is another April monthly limited edition item. I chose it more out of curiosity than anything, as I’ve never used a product like this one before. This contains grapefruit, rice bran, and camellia oils, as well as pomegranate enzymes. The packaging is quite pretty, the lid screws on and the writing is silver. The bottom twists like a lip balm!

Julep Maven April 2016 Night Shift Sleeping Mask

Julep Night Shift Sleeping Mask $34
This mask rave reviews on the product page, so I wanted to see what the fuss was all about. I’ve been searching for a night mask so hopefully this works as well as the reviews say! It’s supposed to be great for renewing skin and healing scarring. Once again, Julep has made the product packaging look beautiful!

Final Thoughts

I’m happy with this box. Even if I had paid for it as my first box I think the value is great! For a non-subscriber the box value is $90. The Maven price is $72 with the discount subscribers receive on purchases. I love the customization options, and I adore Julep polish so I’ll be keeping this subscription once my three months run out.

Julep Maven April 2016 Nail Polish Subscription Cat

Ion was happy with the packaging, but I had to keep him out of it so he wouldn’t eat all the paper. What’s with this guy trying to eat everything!?

What do you think of Julep?

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