June 2016 Topbox Bliss Prive Unboxing

June 2016 Topbox Bliss Prive Topbox Review

One of my Favorite sub boxes, Topbox , was in waiting for me in the mail today when I got home! Topbox has recently changed a few minor details: going forward (next month) subscribers will no longer receive a physical product card along with in their box. A product card is a nice touch so I was a little disappointed, but the bright side is that they will be emailing the product info to you instead around the time the box is shipped. And saving trees is always better.

If you haven’t heard of Topbox before it’s a Canadian beauty subscription box which delivers 4-5 deluxe and full size items each month.

Price: $12CAD
Shipping: Free
Frequency: Monthly

*Note: This post contains my Topbox referral link

I’m not a fan of box spoilers to be honest. Topbox is a nice surprise for me each month but I accidentally spoiled my box ahead of time by opening the product card email. I could have just… not clicked on it I guess. But it arrived in the same day so no big deal!

This month I got a Prive box, which is a precurrated Topbox you can add to your wish list each month. You aren’t guaranteed to get a Prive box by wishing for one so the box is still a surprise when it arrives. My box this month featured six skincare items by Bliss! All my prices are in Canadian dollars.

June 2016 Topbox Bliss Prive Topbox Review

Fabulous Makeup Melt Gel-To- Oil Cleanser  Sample Sized (0.67 oz) $5.42
This product is meant to transform to an oil consistency on your skin to remove impurities and makeup. It’s is formulated with tamanu, mirabelle plum seed, abyssinica seed, orange, olive, sage, and lavender essential oils. I’m going to add this into my evening skincare routine.

Fabulous Drench ‘n’ Quench   Sample Sized (0.5 oz) $14.12
This is an extremely hydrating (and expensive) lightweight moisturizer. It sounds perfect for summer but I’ll still need to layer on SPF for sun defence!

June 2016 Topbox Bliss Prive Topbox Review

Triple Oxygen Radiant Protection Energizing Serum Sample Sized (0.16 oz) $13.16
This is described as a lightweight serum that “defends skin against environmental aggressors, signs of aging, and stress while restoring radiance for a beautiful, healthy, youthful glow”. It also claims it “revitalizes skin function, evens skin tone, [and] softens fine lines and wrinkles”. I’ve only used this once since unpacking it and the serum itself is a shimmery orange which probably helps with that radiance factor.

Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Foaming Mask Sample Sized (0.16oz) $3.20
A mask meant to revitalize and energize dull skin for a more radiant and youthful appearance.

June 2016 Topbox Bliss Prive Topbox Review

That’s Incredi-‘Peel’! Glycolic Resurfacing Pads 2 Pads $3.93
This is an overnight peel treatment to release glycolic acid and restore radiance to the skin. It is formulated with witch hazel and licorice extract. Chemical peels scare me a little, I’m not sure if I’m adventurous enough to try this out.

Lemon + Sage Body Butter Sample Foil (0.23 oz) $0.99
A paraben free body butter. I’m not a fan of foil samples in subscription boxes. I feel like if this is one of the best selling Bliss products as the website states they could at least provide a sample that’s good for more than a one time use. I can’t form an opinion on a product with such a small sample so there isn’t much incentive to buy it.

Bonus: an empty sample jar with a coupon for a free sample at Sephora. You can get free samples at Sephora anyways, so this doesn’t add any value for me.

June 2016 Topbox Bliss Prive Topbox Review - Cat

Ion was very interested in the tissue paper!

Final Thoughts

All in all I’m excited to try out this month’s box. I’ve never tried any Bliss products before and I’m overloaded with makeup samples right now so it will be nice to try out skincare for a change. The value of the box came to $40.82. This isn’t the highest value box from Topbox but I did request this box so I’d better not complain about it! You can find the rest of my Topbox reviews Here.

What did you get in your June 2016 Topbox this month? 

I’m also wondering what you think about this picture style, I usually take my pictures on a table with a pretty covering but I was experimenting with outdoor pictures today. What do you think? Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed this post please remember to like & subscribe. Talk soon xx


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