Luna Nectar Moon Boost Lash Serum Review

I have a new Canadian beauty brand to share with you today! The Vancouver based brand Luna Nectar recently reached out to me about testing some of their products. They sent over their Moon Boost Lash Serum and Atmosphere hair density serum. I was quite excited about the lash serum, since I’ve always had short and straight lashes. My bottom lashes are pretty much non-existent so I was hoping to see an improvement in the length and fullness of my eyelashes. I’m also going to share a quick overview of the Atmosphere Hair serum, but it will be more of an overview than a review. I don’t struggle with thin hair, so it’s hard for me to review a product targeting that concern.

Luna Nectar Moon Boost Lash Serum & Atmosphere Hair Density Serum

About Luna Nectar

Luna Nectar is a female founded, Canadian, Cruelty Free and Vegan beauty brand. They have several green initiatives including the One Tree Planted initiative which plants one tree for every bottle of Atmosphere serum sold. The trees are planted along the banks of rivers in the Pacific Northwest (BC to Northern California) which helps shelter the spawning grounds of salmon, a main food source for the endangered Orca population in the area.

There is also a recycling program in place for Luna Nectar’s glass bottles, but unfortunately this only serves customers in the Vancouver area. Vancouver area residents can return their glass bottles to Luna Nectar for a 30% off discount. According to the website Luna Nectar plans to expand this program into other cities across Canada, so hopefully we see that roll out soon.

Luna Nectar has provided me with a discount code: AlwaysCleia15 will save you 15% off your purchase. I will receive a small commission on any purchases made with my code, however; the links within this post are not affiliated. I also wanted to let you know that Luna Nectar has a 30 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unhappy with a product you can email them for a replacement product. More details can be found here. Ok, now let’s get to the review!

Luna Nectar Moon Boost Lash & Brow Serum - Bamboo Lash Serum Container

Moon Boost Lash & Brow Serum Review

The Luna Nectar Moon Boost Lash & Brow serum retails for $75 CAD and contains 0.14oz of product. This amount should theoretically last for three months with twice daily application. After three months of usage I still have a small amount of product left in the tube. The packaging features a sleek bamboo tube and a brush for application.

Moon Boost contains essential fatty acids and amino acids to support natural lash growth. It promises fuller, longer lashes in 6-8 weeks, with first results visible after 2-3 weeks. I tested this serum out for a good three months before writing this review.

First Impressions

Moon Boost is easy to apply and I did not experience any adverse effects from it. My eyes didn’t become red or irritated, nor did I experience any burning or tingling sensations from this serum. The product goes on white but sinks into the skin in about a minute. I couldn’t see it on my lash line after it absorbed. I applied Moon Boost to both my lash line and my eyebrows for 8 weeks.

Eyelashes take time to grow and at times I felt like the progress was very slow going. After the first two weeks I was second guessing if my lashes had grown at all, but I kept up with the serum. At the three week mark I noticed that my bottom eyelashes were slightly longer. I’ve never worn mascara on my lower eyelashes because they were pretty much non-existent up until this point, but after a few weeks I began to notice the little baby lashes getting longer.

The pictures below don’t really do my eyelash growth justice. I discovered that I am appallingly bad at taking close ups of my eyes so I had a hard time capturing my lashes in the same position. But I do promise that there was growth, especially on the lower lashes!

Luna Nectar Lash Serum Growth Progress

I wore mascara because my eyelashes are incredibly light, you wouldn’t see the bottom lashes at all without it

My Results

For whatever reason one of my eyes responded better to the lash serum. At the 8 week mark I was quite happy with the lower lashes on my right eye, but the eyelashes on my left eye weren’t nearly as full. It’s very strange! I applied the same amount of product on both sides. They evened out by the 12 week mark, but the right is still a little bit fuller.

My top lashes in both eyes did become longer and fuller. The results are subtle, and looking at the before & after results on the product page I think they are meant to be. Moon Boost lash serum didn’t give me a false lash or lash extensions effect, but it does support stronger, healthier eyelashes. My eyelashes shed less while using this serum. I don’t experience a lot of shedding regularly but I believe the fuller effect you might see from the serum is because less lashes fall out and more have a chance to grow in.

During the testing period I was also applying Moon Boost to my eyebrows. I’ve always had thick eyebrows, but the tail of one eyebrow has always been slightly thicker/longer than the other. I did see a little bit of growth on the thinner brow during the testing period, so I’m happy about that!

Overall Moon Boost did a great job of nourishing and conditioning my eyelashes but it didn’t do quite as much as expected in terms of growth. I think when a lot of people purchase a lash serum they are expecting to see a false lash effect after a few weeks, and I only saw a subtle difference in my lashes with this serum. $75 is a lot to spend for subtle results, but lash extensions can cost upwards of that price so it’s all about what you are willing to spend.

I must say that it’s been really nice having longer lower lashes that I can apply mascara to. I’ve never seen those baby lashes this long, and with mascara they look even longer & thicker.

Luna Nectar Atmosphere Hair Density Serum

Atmosphere Hair Density Serum

Amplify your atmosphere. Imagine: an airy, lightweight concentrated multi peptide serum for hair density formulated with vitamins and herbal extracts that achieves the look of the fuller, denser, and thicker hair, as well as contributing to the condition of the scalp. — Luna Nectar

The Luna Nectar Atmosphere Hair Density Serum retails for $45 CAD and contains 2 oz of product. Atmosphere is an overnight hair treatment meant to condition the scalp and improve the look of hair density. Results claim to be visible in 3-4 weeks.

Key ingredients are Aloe, Caffeine, Skullcap and a blend of adaptogens: He Shou Wu, Angelica, Gotu Kola, Red Clover, and Horsetail.

My experience:

I’m not going to write a full review on Atmosphere because it’s meant for those with thin hair. I am lucky to have a very thick head of hair, it’s so full it’s almost unmanageable at times! I’m going to share some of my thoughts on the Atmosphere serum. Please keep in mind that I don’t struggle with thin hair so I am unable to tell you if it truly helps in that area.

First of all the glass packaging is lovely. Glass is one of the most recyclable materials so I’m always happy to see glass packaging! The dropper is easy to use to dispense the product along my hairline, and I can massage it into my scalp from there.

The consistency of the product is thick but lightweight on my hair. It doesn’t weigh the hair down or add any unwanted greasiness. Atmosphere is meant to be used as an overnight treatment but if I shower earlier in the day I’ll dispense a few drops in my hair and go about my day. It doesn’t add crunchiness or texture to my hair.

Did I see any changes in my hair? No, I did not. However, as I said my hair is thick. It makes sense that I wouldn’t see a difference using a hair density serum. My hair is shiny and healthy, but a part of that is because I don’t use a lot of hair product in general. There is no product buildup because I’m simply not adding product to my hair beyond basic shampoo & conditioner (and this serum at the moment)! I really wish that I could share some more helpful insights on the Atmosphere serum, but due to the nature of the product and my own hair type I can’t!

Moon Boost worked for me pretty well, so I imagine Atmosphere is able to work in a similar way to  promote hair growth and condition the scalp. Have you tried Atmosphere? If it worked for you (or didn’t!) I would love to hear about your experience.

Luna Nectar Moon Boost Lash Serum Bamboo Tube, Glass Bottle Atmosphere Hair Density Serum

Have you tried Luna Nectar?

I was hoping for slightly more lash growth from the Moon Boost serum, but after three months I can say that it does in fact work. It’s nice to finally have longer lower lashes even if the difference is only slight. I definitely don’t regret taking the time to apply the Moon Boost serum day and night for 8-12 weeks. I would love to try out more products from Luna Nectar in the future.

Let me know if you’ve tried Luna Nectar and if you’re interested in hearing more about their products! Just a little reminder that you can save 15% with the code AlwaysCleia15. Thanks for reading! x


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  1. November 16, 2021 / 9:28 pm

    I have thin hair (thinner and thinner as I get older!) but haven’t tried any products to help with that apart from shampoo and conditioner. I’m intrigued to learn more about the serum!

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