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Why hello there! How are you guys doing? Twenty twenty has been a rollercoaster and everyone has a different coping mechanism. My coping mechanism is… writing lists. Tracking things, organizing things, controlling what I can control. Even though none of us have been able to go out much I have actually had an insane year of learning.

I’ve been tackling a ton of home DIY projects this year and I’ve become a pro at painting walls and staining furniture if I do say so myself! It’s a little bit crazy to me now that Fall has started to settle down to look back on just how much I’ve learned to do this year.

Today I wanted to share my Bedroom DIY & Decor Update!

Bouclair Bedding

Master Bedroom Update

When we bought our house last April we knew we would need to repaint the upstairs. For the most part I liked the colors in our home. I can get on board with a blue feature wall, a green kitchen, and a beige living room, but the one thing I couldn’t accept was the pink master bedroom. My husband & I referred to it as “old lady pink”.

Painting a room is a giant undertaking. It may sound simple but there are soo many steps you need to take if you want a professional finish. I’m a perfectionist so I went all out to make it perfect. I spent a day washing the walls with TSP, a heavy duty degreaser that breaks up the seal on the previous paint layer so that your new paint has something to stick to. After that I taped down all the baseboards, door frames & windowsills, and filled any holes in the wall before sanding them down.

Pink Walls

What our walls looked like before we painted!


The next day we draped the bed and moved what furniture we could into the office. Then it was painting time! Cutting in the walls took ridiculously long, but actually rolling the walls didn’t take nearly as much time. I used Behr Marquee paint from home depot. Unfortunately I needed two coats, so painting took twice as long as I expected. But I shouldn’t have to paint again for years, so it was worth it.

Chic Grey Behr

Colour Palette

The grey paint we chose is Chic Grey by Behr. If you’re considering painting a room I highly recommend picking up some small paint samples from your local paint store. The way it looks on your computer screen probably won’t be completely accurate in your space. We were originally going to go with the shade Gentle Rain but after swatching it on my walls in a few places I realized it was way too blue. Chic Grey is a little less cool toned and more of a true neutral.

We also wanted to work in some white, cream and beige tones to the room.

Photowall Watercolor Landscape

Wall Art

Around the time I was mulling over what to do with the empty space on our walls I discovered Photowall.

Photowall is a Swedish wall art company with an extensive catalogue of designs that can be made into canvas prints, posters, and even wall murals! The catalogue is really quite large, it took me a few days to decide on a print. You can filter through so many different categories like landscapes, animals, places and textures.

Photowall generously sent me my choice in wall art for this post, and they have also gave me a  25% off discount code to share with my readers: alwayscleia25. Just FYI, the links here are not affiliated, though they do track clicks from my blog. Full disclosure as always.

I was originally leaning towards a canvas print, but  I liked the look of the posters with the included wooden hanger even more than the canvas prints. We have a lot of wood elements in our bedroom so I liked the idea of the wooden hanger to tie everything together. I think the frame goes well with the print we chose for our bedroom, this Watercolor Landcape poster. They have a lot of watercolor themed prints and I’ve already added a couple to my Christmas wish list..

The poster frame hardware was pretty straightforward. It came with an Allen key to secure the poster to the frame, as well as a nail and string to hang it. It would have been easier to put together with two people but I managed on my own, it took me about 20 minutes to secure it properly.

DIY Wood Stain Dark Walnut

Furniture Update

None of our wood furniture actually matches. We bought a proper bedframe off Wayfair in January in a cherry wood tone that almost matches the colour of our fan and barn door.  I stained this solid wood box earlier this Summer in a Dark Walnut finish. It’s actually what we used to hold our vacuum, it was here when we moved in and it works just fine.

The nightstands we chose are from the Brick, I was shocked to find nightstands that were the right height for our bed for under $150. I had been looking for over a year before I found them! They darker than pictured online when they arrived. I was considering a DIY to lighten the wood, but in the end it seemed like a lot of work and the shade actually grew on me.


Something you can do to update your space without spending an arm and a leg is changing your bedding. A new duvet cover can do wonders for the overall vibe in your bedroom. Our old duvet cover was blue with green stripes, and it didn’t really go with anything in the room. I could be crazy, but I think my cats like the new bedding more!

Duvet covers can be crazy expensive, but if you can find great deals at places like Marshalls or Homesense. We actually found ours at a Canadian company, Bouclair. I can’t believe that I had never shopped there before, their decor is beautiful! We chose the Hege duvet cover set what was under $50 and came with two matching pillowcases. It changes the room so much! I also leave a soft blanket at the foot of the bed. I’d like to say it’s a design element but it’s actually so my cats have something soft to sleep on.

Lastly in the Textile department I convinced my husband that our room needed a rug. The hardware floors in our home are beautiful, but they’re not very forgiving on the feet. Plus when our furniture matches floors almost exactly it’s nice to have the rug to break the room up. We chose the gorgeous white and grey Warlick rug from wayfair, which at the time seemed like a good idea until I realized how much cat fur it would collect. I should have chosen something darker!

We will get curtains for the room eventually. There were some pink drapes in the room when we moved in but we took them down. I’m hoping to pick up some of the Lenda Curtains from IKEA. The drapes in the master bathroom are very similar.

Master Bedroom Makeover

What’s your favourite way to update a bedroom?

Thanks for reading! This is a different kind of post for me but I’m hoping to share more home updates and things that I’m actually working on in real life. There was a time when all I did in my spare time was work on my blog, and I forgot to do things out in the real world. Now I’m catching up!



  1. November 20, 2020 / 1:16 pm

    it looks great 😀 we are currently moving all of our stuff, we may even have to move out of our current living space which will suck, but it will give us an opportunity to downsize and really keep the things we need and then we can focus on decorating and what not 🙂
    i love the way your room looks now 😀 and of course your cozy cat 😀 such a cutie

    • November 23, 2020 / 12:35 pm

      Oh no, why do you have to move? Moving is so stressful! 😣 Redecorating is fun though, we’ve enjoyed making our space feel like home.

      • November 23, 2020 / 12:54 pm

        We can’t afford this house, and it needs too many fixes to start with. Frankly, it’s not even my house, it’s my brother’s. But it’s not my dream home at all so it doesn’t make sense to be living here. I know we would be losing money in an apartment too but we just can’t afford it at the moment. I Just* started working, so I am hoping we can start saving money and eventually work up to getting a house we actually like. Idk how it’s like over there, but the house prices have risen here and it’s really hard to afford a house even on two stable incomes. Even my cousin and her mom have tenants and I don’t think I want to be living with other people. We would love our own space. But mortgages are a fucking joke here. Can’t afford anything.
        The downside of moving is not being able to hang anything on walls LOL

        • December 2, 2020 / 9:57 am

          Aww man, that sucks! Move to Alberta, houses are at an all time low here 😉 It’s too bad the market you’re in has risen so much, it takes so much luck to be ready to buy at the right time when prices are low 🙁 I can’t believe that my parents bought their first house for $40,000. It ain’t fair…

          One day you’ll have your dream home!

          • December 15, 2020 / 11:32 am

            trust me if i could move to another country i would LOL

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