January 2017 Meowbox Unboxing + Review

January 2017 Meowbox

While most of my content is beauty related I love trying out different subscription boxes. Better yet, boxes with stuff I will actually use. Meowbox is no exception, being a box full of 5+ goodies & treats for your kitties! I was thinking about subscribing in May for Ion and Quantum, but Q has destroyed his last couple of toys so I figured it was time for a refresh. Here’s my review of the January 2017 Meowbox…


Price: $29.99 CAD ($22.95US)/box
Frequency: Monthly or bimonthly
Shipping: Included
Skipable: YES
What’s Included: 4+ goodies & treats for your cats. You can opt to replace treats with toys if your furry companion is on a strict diet.

January 2017 Meowbox Unboxing

January 2017 Meowbox

Quantum & Ion knew the January 2017 Meowbox was for them when the box arrived. Ion wouldn’t stop sniffing it and even tried to open with his teeth! I quickly nipped that in the bud and opened the box for them. I love the Meowbox paper and feather wrapping! Meowbox personally handwrites the names of your kitties on the inside of the box.

January 2017 Meowbox - Eggs & Bacon

Mad Cat Brunch Buddies – $6.99US
These catnip filled toys have a crinkly piece of plastic in them to make them crackle. I left the room for five minute and Q went and chewed the egg toy open and removed the plastic, then got bored and left it there. Ion was totally all over the egg afterwards though! He’s almost two years old and he tends to get his exercise by jumping atop high structures and taking turns chasing Q so it’s really rare to find toys he wants to play with. He spent a good 5 minutes rolling around with the egg, and he even tossed the bacon around a bit.

January 2017 Meowbox - Octopus Toy

Ruff & Whiskerz Octopus Catnip Toy ~$5.25US
This little plush Octopus was made exclusively for Meowbox. I’m so glad I got it because Ion was all over this as well! That’s three toys he loved! Q half heartedly tried to play with it before Ion went and snatched it away and charged around with it in his mouth. He even growled at Q to say “THIS IS MINE BROTHER”. I found similar Ruff & Whiskers toys on Amazon.com for $5.25 so I estimate the value to be around the same.

January 2017 Meowbox - Ion Playing

Zany Cat Rolling Interactive Toy ~$16.99US
This came ready to go with batteries already inside. You press the button and it rolls/spins across the floor like one of those weasel ball toys I vaguely remember from being a kid (does anyone else remember those!?). Q&I were enthralled with it but wouldn’t pounce on it unless is spun too close to their tails! I found several different price points for this item. On r2p Pet it’s listed at $16.99 but on sale for $10.19, and amazon.com lists it as $15.99 but is currently on sale for $7.34.

January 2017 Meowbox - wool balls

Anima Love Wool Balls $7.06US
In my foolish human opinion I thought these were the least exciting thing in the box. In Q&I’s opinion they were the shit! They’re made in Quebec (Canadian! Yay!) by Etsy seller Anima Love. I think Meowbox seeks out little local businesses to feature because in my last Meowbox Review they featured an Esty seller. My husband and I stood at opposite ends of a room and rolled the blue ball towards each other while Quantum went crazy! He won’t really play with fabric toys (he just chews on them wreaking destruction) but anything that rolls he will chase. Even Ion got his paws in there briefly! The best thing is they make no noise but roll really well across hard surfaces.

January 2017 Meowbox - Meowjito

Omega Paw Meowjito Treats $3.84US
My cats will normally go crazy for any food but they seemed unsure about these ones. I prefer giving them dental treats, so I’m not sure I’ll be feeding many of these to them.

January 2017 Meowbox Review

Value: My Meowbox totalled up to $40.14US, or $52.78CAD! (If I use the sale price for the Zany Cat toy it’s $33.33US or $43.82CAD). I haven’t seen Ion this playful in ages! I buy him a new toys at the pet store every now and then but they all fall flat or get munched by Q within seconds. I’m glad to have toys that my furry guys will play with. I’m going to request toys instead of treats for my next box.

January 2017 Meowbox - Quantum Playing with Octopus Toy

Quantum: “A new toy! I shall take it to my favourite plastic bag and roll around!”

January 2017 Meowbox - Ion Playing with Octopus Toy

Ion: “I Stole it! IT’S MINE! I will keep watch over this toy now!”

Thanks for reading! I know this is a bit different than what my regular readers are used to from my blog, but I love trying out different subscriptions and you all know I love my furry companions! You can find more of Meowbox Unboxings with Quantum & Ion Here <3

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    Cute subscription! And cute cats!

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