Backpacker Beauty Routine | I’m In Thailand!

By the time you’re reading this blog post I’ll be in Thailand! I’m currently writing this blog post in anticipation of departing for Bangkok. I still can’t believe that I actually booked a solo vacation on a whim. It was one of my self growth goals that I set in my 30 before 30 list but saying is easier than doing sometimes. Now the… View Post

What’s in My Beauty Drawer: Fragrance

Hey everyone, welcome back to another post in my “What’s In My Beauty Drawer” series! This is the fourth post I’ve written where I share my stash with you guys. I in no way mean this to come across as bragging or smug or anything like that, I’m always fascinated by what’s in other bloggers’ stashes and so I thought you guys might be… View Post

My Beauty Drawer: Makeup Brush Collection

Hey guys! Welcome back for another instalment of what’s in My Beauty Drawer! I’ve been slowly chronicling the contents of my makeup stash. Other posts in this blog series are my Eyeshadow Collection and my Lipstick Collection. I just think it’s fun to check out Beauty Blogger and YouTuber’s makeup stashes! Today’s post is all about my Makeup Brush Collection View Post

Beauty Drawer: My Lipstick Collection

As part of a new blog series I will be periodically sharing the contents of “My Beauty Drawer”. I’m always fascinated to see what other beauty bloggers & YouTubers have in their personal stash, so I thought some of you might be interested in reading what’s in mine. The focus of this post is Lipstick! 

View Post

My Beauty Drawer: Eyeshadow

Hey guys! I’m starting a new series on the blog which I will be updating regularly on my site. I’m always curious about the makeup & skincare stashes that other bloggers & YouTubers have so I decided to share mine! The focus of this post is eye shadow. View Post
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