Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturizer Review

Peptides, peptides everywhere! I feel like everyone is raving about peptides right now. So many brands have been coming out with products containing peptides and I’m not mad about it. I like when I can simplify my routine with products that do double duty, like the Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturizer. Up until now I’ve been using peptide serums for my daily dose of peptides but when life gets busy it’s nice to have a moisturizer that contains most of your actives so you can get on with your day.

I don’t generally spend more than $25 on a moisturizer, but I had a gift card from last Christmas and decided what the heck, let’s try something new! When Tati Westbrook posted a video about the Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturizer it sounded like just the thing I needed to try. I actually meant to publish this review MUCH sooner, but it sat in drafts and I forgot about it. Well, better late than never…

Ole Henriksen Peptide Boost Moisturizer Review

Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturizer Review

The Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturizer retails for $64 CAD (it was less when I purchased it, gotta love inflation..) and contains 1.7oz of product. Not only does it contain peptides, it also contains amino acids, ceramides and collagen. I’m personally not impressed by collagen as an ingredient, as I’ve read from multiple skincare resources that collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin barrier. I’m pro all the other key ingredients though! Peptide Boost is marketed toward all skin types but I think normal to dry skin would especially benefit from the ceramides.

Key ingredients:

Peptides: Not all peptides are created equal. It’s good to research which ones are in your skincare, don’t assume that all peptides do the same thing! The eight peptides included in this formula are Acetyl Hexapeptide-1, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Acetyl Octapeptide-3, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-2, Acetyl Dipeptide-1 Cetyl Ester, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7. A quick search of each peptide shows that Ole Henriksen has selected peptides meant to calm the skin, support collagen production and elasticity, as well as soften expression lines.

*A quick note on Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, this ingredient is also known as Argireline. Studies have shown that this ingredient is the most effective when formulated with a high water content. According to The Ordinary (who makes a 10% argireline serum which I already use) it’s not very effective in oil based formulas so please keep that in mind. This moisturizer contains soybean oil, though I am unsure of the actual concentration and how it would affect absorption of argireline.

Niacinamide: Niacinamide helps to balance out oil production, as well as even texture and tone. Dry skin types can also benefit from niacinamide as an ingredient, so don’t think that you can’t use it if you have dry skin.

Amino Acids: The amino acids in the formula are Serine, Alanine, Glycine, Glutamic Acid, Lysine HCL, Threonine, Arginine, Proline. Paula’s choice has a great article about what amino acids do for the skin, it explains some of these in more depth.

Collagen: As I said, there aren’t a lot of studies to support collagen as an effective skincare ingredient. The molecule is too large to penetrate the skin so in theory it doesn’t actually do much. To support collagen production try exfoliation and including peptides in your daily routine.

Hyaluronic Acid: Hyaluronic Acid isn’t advertised in the product description but it is in fact included on the ingredients list just after the amino acids. Hyaluronic Acid helps hydrate the skin with it’s ability to bind up to 1000 times it’s weight in water.

Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturizer


This packaging looks so pretty on my shelf! I love the purple jar. As someone who enjoys photographing products and curating my instagram feed I appreciate the aesthetics. It was super satisfying using a spatula to scoop out the product for the first time.


I can’t decide if this moisturizer is a balm or a cream. The formula is very dense and compacted. It almost has a balm texture when you scoop it out of the jar. A little really does go a long way, the product applies more like a cream on the skin.

Peptide Boost melts into the skin and feels very hydrating. It plays well with serums and SPF, though to be honest I usually find myself skipping some of my serum treatments when I use this because it’s already got so many great ingredients. The only thing I usually add is a vitamin C serum (I’m currently loving the Paula’s Choice C15 booster) or a retinol (Paula’s choice 0.3% Retinol & Bakuchiol Serum.

Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Moisturizer Review

My experience

The Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturizer is definitely hydrating. I only need a small amount of the product for my face & neck. During the Summer I backed off my usage and switched to something lighter. For my skin type this product is best suited to Spring and Fall, the in-between seasons when it’s not super dry and cold but it’s also not blazing hot and humid.

I didn’t notice any crazy changes in the appearance my my skin while using this product. I don’t think it did much for my fine lines but I also didn’t have any dry patches to speak of while I was using it. Generally my skin is pretty good, so besides the dryness and a few fine lines I don’t have a lot of problems to correct. My main concern was “will this be hydrating enough for me” and it certainly was.

Personally I don’t think I can justify repeatedly spending $64 on a moisturizer when there are so many great brands out there that retail for less. I’m really enjoying the Pixi Rose Ceramide Cream which is one of my favourites for dry skin, and Neutrogena Hydro Boost (the extra dry skin version) which will always be one of my favourite moisturizers for summer. I’m also enjoying the Bali Body Gradual Tan Moisturizer at the moment! All three of these moisturizers retail around the $30 range so it’s hard to justify the price of Ole Henriksen when other options are available that I enjoy just as much.

Have you tried the Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer
Peptide Boost Moisturizer?

I think the Ole Strength Trainer Peptide Moisturizer gives you the most value if you aren’t planning on adding serums to your routine. If you are only spending money on a moisturizer, and not any additional serum treatments it might be worth it for you to spend $64. I’m not convinced it’s worth it long term, even though I enjoyed the moisturizer and I do think that it’s a good product, albeit an expensive one. Let me know if you have tried it and if you would repurchase! Thank you for reading x



  1. December 2, 2022 / 2:23 am

    I got a mini of this moisturiser in an Ole Henrikson set with the banana bright eye cream during the Black Friday sales and I’m excited to try it! I agree the purple jar looks so pretty. I don’t think I’ve tried a moisturiser with peptides in it before so I’m interested to see if I notice any difference to my skin. Glad you like this overall!

  2. November 29, 2022 / 10:53 am

    great review and nice to have you back! 🙂

    i always feel weird about spending more than $18 on a moisturizer, that sounds oddly specific, but i feel like if products are going to be more than a $20, they have to be REALLY REALLY good and they’re often just like lowered priced brands.

    i do love the ingredients here but i also feel like there are much more affordable products with the same ingredients.

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