Tea Sparrow March 2016 + Promo Code

March 2016 Tea Sparrow

One of my many obsessions lately has been subscription boxes.There are so many to choose from and you can just about anything curated in a cute little box straight to your door. I found a Canadian box, Tea Sparrow, and knew I had to try it. For $20CAD Subscribers receive 4 packages of tea selected from around the globe equivalent to 35+ cups of tea give or take. The best part is… surprises!

About Tea Sparrow

What: A Canadian subscription box of four tea packets from around the globe.
Shipping: FREE. Ships within North America
Price: $20 each month, or $8 for your first month with the code above.
Customize: No. Each month is a total surprise.
Cancellation Options: You can send an email or call, or alternatively you can cancel through Paypal if that’s how you paid. You can also pause and restart your subscription at any time.
Giftable: YES!

March 2016 Tea Sparrow

The packaging is simple but beautiful, and if you take the whole box apart the inside has a tea steeping chart inside! I never quite know how long to steep tea for so I appreciate having the chart. The packages are supposed to ship on the 17th of every month, but mine showed up early on the 16th.

March 2016 Tea Sparrow Tea Chart

The box I received was curated for St. Patrick’s day, and while I don’t really celebrate it all the teas looked and smelled amazing.

March 2016 Tea Sparrow - Black Magic Tea

The Teas

Black Magic Mint (Black Tea) 
This contains two kinds of black tea, peppermint, ground carob (similar to cocoa but a different plant), and vanilla. It smells so nice! I drink black tea the most so I’ll definitely drink this. I love that Tea Sparrow directly tells you on the packaging if the tea is caffeinated, herbal, black, etc. and how to steep it.

March 2016 Tea Sparrow - Raspberry Green Tea

Raspberry Green Tea
I’m not a big green tea drinker to be honest but I’m always up to try something new. This contains green tea, raspberry, hibiscus, and natural raspberry flavouring. I feel like this would make a great iced tea. And seriously, just look at how beautiful the loose tea leaves are!

March 2016 Tea Sparrow - Peppermint Tea

Organic Peppermint (herbal)
I was so happy to see this! I was worried I’d get a lot of obscure teas that I wouldn’t like but I love peppermint tea. The package suggests to crush the leaves to get the peppermint flavour to come through more and it does! Peppermint tea is my go to when I want to curl up with a good book. I love that Tea Sparrow includes the website of the tea company so that you can reorder if you want more.

March 2016 Tea Sparrow - Red Hot Chai

Red Hot Chai (Herbal Rooibos)
This smells like the red hot candies I ate as a kid and contains rooibos, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla. I enjoyed this tea which surprised me since I’m not a big chai or rooibos drinker. The cinnamon overshadowed everything else, but I like cinnamon so it’s all good. 

Final Thoughts

I’m loving the March Tea Sparrow box! The only tea that I might not personally be finishing is the green tea, and my husband likes it so it won’t go to waste. Tea Sparrow is giftable and would be great for the tea lover in your life. You get a decent amount in the tea packages for your money. It’s cheaper than buying the same amount at David’s tea and in doing so you are supporting a smaller business.

March 2016 Tea Sparrow - Resident Cat

This little one put some holes in one of the bags when I wasn’t looking!

 Have you tried Tea Sparrow? What kind of tea would you like to see in this box?

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