The Body Shop Tea Tree Skincare Set Review

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skincare Travel Set

I’ve been wanting to try this skincare set from The Body Shop for a while now. I have extremely sensitive skin, so I tend to have a lot of problems with cleansers and moisturizers.

New skincare products tend to either over dry or cause awful embarrassing breakouts, so I’ve been in search of a skincare regime that works. I heard some pretty good things about this set, though the price hasn’t agreed with my budget lately. After Christmas I found this Tea Tree Skincare Kit on sale for $10, when it regularly retails for $25. I had to pay $8 for shipping, but the price was still better than it usually is!

This is a travel set, meaning it’s size is much smaller than the full sized product. The full size products are actually pretty tiny in person too. The key ingredient is Tea tree oil, which according to the website is supposed to “combat Breakouts and tackle excess oil”.

Included in this set is a facial wash (2 fl oz), a Toner (2 fl oz), a clearing lotion (0.5 fl oz), and a vial of tea tree oil (0.33 fl oz).

Tea Tree Skincare First Impressions

This set is so cute! The little mesh bag it comes in fits everything perfectly, and has a bit of room to spare for small little travel items, like a lip balm, or maybe mini toothpaste. The Face wash, toner, and oil were what I expected in size, but the face lotion was absolutely tiny! I will maybe be able to use it for a week at most, but that’s what you get for a sample sized set right?

The first thing I noticed about the Tea Tree Skincare Set was the smell. It has a very earthy scent (I suppose tree is in the name after all), and it gives of notes of something that reminds me of Eucalyptus. I’m not sure how I feel about it to be honest. Normally I can get over the smell of face products because after twenty minutes it dissipates, but with this one I felt it lingered a little bit longer than I’d like.

The face wash worked as expected, there wasn’t anything really fancy about it. I’m not sure what exactly it was, but the bottle of toner had a layer of a white silty looking substance settled on it’s bottom. I had to give it a good shake for about 60 seconds to get it to dissolve back in. Despite the smell of the products the toner and lotion made my face feel amazing.

My skin tingled for a few seconds, but it made my skin feel really fresh and clean. I think the clearing lotion was the biggest win for me in this set. It also absorbed super quickly, as in within a minute and left absolutely no greasy residue on my skin! Amazing!

I don’t use facial oils much, so I didn’t go crazy with the tea tree oil. It’s a nice addition, but one that I probably won’t use much.

Lasting Impression

I just can’t get over the smell. It’s the one thing that bothered me, and it’s enough that I wouldn’t buy the set on a regular basis. The one selling point I found was that after only three days of use the breakout I had just had calmed right down. Normally it takes about a week for my skin to calm down from acne so I was impressed, but I might reserve this set for those times when my skin needs it. I also didn’t find the oil or clearing lotion super moisturizing, so I’ll need something different for winter

All in all pretty good for ten bucks though!

MY RATING: 3.5/5

And as usual I’ll leave you with Ion invading the packing box.

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  1. January 28, 2016 / 3:36 am

    I have the foaming cleanser and really like it. The smell was a bit surprising, but it did work on helping clear my skin! xo J

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