The Body Shop Advent Calendar – 2016

The Body Shop Advent Calendar + David's Tea AdventMy Mom had me over for tea in late November and gave me not one but TWO advent calendars to take home!! *squeals* (Okay so one was for my husband) I’ve seen so many advent calendars floating around online the past couple of years but I’ve never actually had one until now. This year I got The Body Shop’s advent calendar!

David's Tea Advent Calendar

David’s Tea Advent Calendar. Such cute little mice!

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Day 1: Spiced Apple Shower Gel Mini
This smells like apple cider! Love it!

Day 2: Bath Lily
I always called these loofas, but TBS tells me different on their website. I’m going to hold onto this until my current one wears out. It’s good to have a spare!

Day 3: Vitamin E Moisture Cream Mini
I’m not really sure if this is more of a body lotion or a face lotion. It kinda smells like Calamine lotion.

Day 4: Frosted Berries Softening Lotion Mini
This has such a strong smell to it. It’s not bad, but it’s a little overpowering. I’ll use it in small quantities!

Day 5:  Soft Facial Cleansing Sponge
I’m so excited about this little sponge! I recently ordered a Konjac sponge from Julep but I’m going to try this first. It’s soft and squishy but the texture seems like it would exfoliate well. I’m excited to use it with my Fresh soy face cleanser.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Day 6 The Body Shop Lip Definer Crayon “Be A True Original”
I didn’t realize until recently that each little box has a saying on the side!  This is a very creamy and wearable pencil in the shade Clover Pink. I can wear it on it’s own or under a lipstick, it’s gorgeous either way.

Day 7 The Body Shop Pencil Sharpener “Beauty Has Never Looked So Good”
This must be to go along with the lip liner from Day 6. I have a few pencil sharpeners already but it’s okay because this one has a little plastic catcher so the shavings don’t go anywhere. My other sharpeners don’t have that!

The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2016


Day 8 Coconut Bar Soap Nature Never Gets It Wrong”
I was wondering what would be in day 8 of my The Body Shop Advent Calendar because the box was a little bit bigger and heavier than the others. I had literally just changed the bar soap in my bathroom, I was like aw man, I really love the scent of this one.

Day 9 Slanted Tweezers  “For The Down-To-Earth Goddess In You”
It’s nice to get some beauty tools in this calendar as well as bath/body and makeup products. These are going in my makeup bag!

The Body Shop Advent Calendar - Lotion & Lip Butter

Day 10 Strawberry Lip Butter “Be Mistletoe Ready With The Perfect Pout”
This immediately went into my purse! It really does smell like strawberry, but it doesn’t taste like it.

Day 11 Vanilla Chai Softening Body Gel- Lotion “The Cream Of The Crop”
I can already tell you that I’ve gone and ordered just about every product this scent comes in. It’s a seasonal Christmas scent so I’m kind of disappointed I can only get it in December!

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Day 12 Eye Definer Pencil “Goodness Makes Gorgeous”
I haven’t used this yet, but I have a back up for when I run out of eyeliner. I love how they place items that work together nearby in the advent order. The lip pencil was followed by a sharpener the next day, and this eye pencil is followed by an eyelash curler!

Day 13 Eyelash Curler “Feel So Good, Inside And Out”
This was the only spoiler that I knew was in here somewhere. I’ve been eagerly awaiting it because I don’t actually own one. The last curler I bought was this awful travel size contraption from Quo.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Day 14 British Rose Shower Gel “Beauty For The Body And Soul”
This scent is so lovely! It’s not overpowering like other rose scents I have tried. It’s not really a scent I expected in an advent Calendar, but I’ll take it!

The Body Shop Advent Calendar Flatlay

Day 15 Eyeshadow Brush “Make Every Moment Count”
You know, I always forget TBS sells beauty tools. I tried out this brush today, it’s kind of stiff but it picks up pigment well. It’s not my favourite eye shadow brush, but a girl can never have too many brushes…

Day 16 Mango Whipped Lotion “When? Now”
Guys!! This stuff is HEAVENLY. Absolutely heavenly. I’ve already used almost half the bottle. I need this full size, ASAP.

Day 17 Eyebrow & Eyelash Tool “Buff Yourself Beautiful”
I’ve been meaning to buy one of these actually. I’ve already used this to comb out some mascara clumps from my eyelashes.

Day 18 Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover “Find Your Inner Beauty & Let It Shine”
Makeup remover! This sounds soothing. And it’s well placed in the calendar so I can use it to remove the Eye Definer from day 12!

Day 19 Shea Lip Butter “A Gift From The Nutcracker”
I was a little surprised to see a second lip butter in the calendar. I would have liked to see something different included, but I guarantee this will get used. Eventually.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Day 20 Polynesian Island Tiare Shower Gel “Travel With Your Mind & Body”
I believe this is a newer scent to TBS. It’s very floral and summery which I really don’t mind. I have so many holiday scents that it’s nice to get something else once in a while!

Day 21 Emery Board “Beauty Full With No Added Bull”
I should have known a nail polish was coming up when I saw this. A little something to help get your nails holiday ready!

Day 22 Grapefruit Hand Cream “Enriched With The Finest Natural Ingredients”
Aww yeah!! I forgot how excellent their grapefruit line smells. I’ve used up so much product this month that it’s good to have a hand cream for my purse on standby!

Day 23 Colour Crush Nail Polish “When You Wish Upon A Star”
Orange seems like an odd choice for a holiday calendar, but maybe that’s just me. I’m surprised that they didn’t include their Colour Crush gold holiday polish.

The Body Shop Advent Calendar

Day 24 Strawberry Body Butter “We Invented Body Butter”
I was right!! I definitely thought the 24th box was body butter shaped and inside was a full sized strawberry body butter!

Day 25 Sleeping Mask & Oils Of Life Sleeping Cream “Sleep Tight On This Silent Night”
What a perfect way to wrap up the calendar! I could definitely use a good night sleep after all the holiday craziness. The mask is cute and I haven’t tried this sleeping cream before!

Did you get a The Body Shop Advent Calendar this year?

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  1. Carina's beauty
    December 6, 2016 / 1:50 am

    I wanted to get the TBS calendar, but couldn’t justify the price.. Good thing you are doing these posts so I can still see all the amazing products. Hopefully you’ll enjoy your calendar! x

    • December 6, 2016 / 12:38 pm

      It’s expensive right?! And this is the least expensive of the three TBS offered! I probably wouldn’t have bought it for myself so it was a really lovely gift to receive. Thank you, I definitely will! 🙂

  2. December 5, 2016 / 8:38 pm

    I wanted to buy TBS calendar but I somehow resisted! I also really wanted the LookFantastic calendar. It’s just so expensive! This Body Shop one looks great so far! I think the Vitamin E cream can be used body or face but I know my sister uses it for her face. 🙂

    • December 6, 2016 / 12:28 pm

      The look Fantastic calendar is awesome! Crazy expensive though, especially since it’s in pounds. So far I’ve really enjoyed this calendar, The first thing I do in the morning is open one of the boxes now. Good to know! The packaging was kind of vague on what it’s for, I will probably use it as a face cream too then 🙂

  3. December 5, 2016 / 8:25 pm

    So cute!!! I haven’t actually gotten an advent calendar before but it looks like so much fun!!! Can’t wait to see what else you get as it gets closer to xmas! 🙂

    • December 6, 2016 / 12:22 pm

      It really is, this is my first advent calendar aside from the chocolate ones you get as a kid sometimes. Each day is a surprise! 🙂

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