What’s On My Radar: August 2016 Favourites


It’s September! I didn’t post my monthly favourites last month as I hadn’t really tried anything new and noteworthy, but I’ve got quite a few items on my radar this month!

August 2016 Favourites: Beauty

Estee Lauder Mascara
I reviewed this a few weeks ago and I’m loving it. It gives great separation and more curl than I expected.

Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss
I used this a lot this month. It’s minty, pigmented, and lasts longer than most glosses I’ve tried. The cute packaging is a bonus!

Revlon Professional UniqOne Lotus Hair Treatment
This came in July’s Topbox and I was blown away by how amazing it smells! The coconut scent lasts hours instead of disappearing in a matter of minutes. Even my husband told me that my hair smelled fantastic after I came home from work wearing it. I’m definitely going to purchase a full sized bottle!

August 2016 Favourites:
Books and Stationary

The Broken Kingdoms: NK Jemisin
This is the second book in Jemisin’s Inheritance Trilogy. The Protagonist is blind except for her ability to see magic. This makes it really interesting to read as you really don’t know what’s in her surroundings except for the things that she gropes around for or taps with her walking stick. It’s very descriptive in every sensory way except for sight. It’s refreshing to read a book that really knows how to “show not tell”.

Woodland Creatures Daily planner 
This planner from Chapters is so cute! I love the colours and forest animals pictured each month. I need colour to feel creative and this definitely helps. It contains the perfect amount of space for writing and has a calendar for each month. Ion totally photobombed me. He then proceeded to lie down on the planner and wouldn’t budge.


August 2016 Favourites:
Home Decor

Amazon Lamps
Once in a while you can get a really great deal on Amazon. I got this Kenroy Home lamp on sale because it was the last of it’s style. The $145 price tag was discounted to $25. Which is crazy, especially for a lamp with a wood base. I love decorating!


What are your August 2016 Favourites?

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